ND vs. USC weekend, October 15 2005

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Riding the orange line from Midway to downtown

He was bending over and I couldn't resist the sexy photo

Examining the Beatles shirt

Dinner at Wildfire - Mom and Kreece

Delicious stuff

Walking the streets of Chi-town

Back at Chris' South Bend house for some billiards

And some pool

And some darts

And some cricket

Another victory for Krave!

Another loss for JeffCo

All tuckered out and skipping Club 23

Nice bedhead

Morning of the big game - cracks the 2-year-old champagne

Beer foam moustache

The BIG JIG - Mike Brown's tailgater - Mike, Matt, Andy, Gordon, David, Frank & Jeff

More tailgating

Posing with beer

Seervelds - Tom, Elizabeth, David, Valerie

My chalk drawing confused the hell out of Jeff

Skipping the game and walking to the grassy knoll

Dipping and discussing life

Climbing the rocks

Playing rock and branch ball

During ND's final drive - JACC game watch

Seconds after Brady Quinn's touchdown

More celebrating

More celebrating - Spoon, Matt, and Jeff

The Spoonhowers enjoy a happy moment

4th and 9, USC

Back at Kreece's house

Stippe Pool

More billiards

More billiards

Despite the loss we had some decent times

And then it was time to go