Copper Lake Camping, September 14-16 2007

Christine and I took a backpacking trip to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area and hiked the West Fork Foss River trail. We drove there, got out of the car and hiked for a long time, arriving at our campsite at Copper Lake after dark. We set up camp in the dark, and ate mac-n-cheese. We went to sleep. We woke on Saturday and ate breakfast, I tried some fishing, Christine filtered water, and we hiked around for a long time. We woke late on Sunday, I caught a rare Bull Trout, and we packed up camp and hiked back out.

Big Fir, an enormous Fir Tree.

Eating breakfast Saturday morning.

Filtering water from Copper Lake.

Sarah the Dog

Copper Lake

Copper Lake

Copper Lake

Copper Lake

Water dropletts on leaves



Hiking out over the bridge