Olympic Peninsula Camping, October 12-14 2007

Christine and I took a backpacking trip to northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula. We camped near a lake on Friday night and then hiked to the beach and camped there on Saturday night, and returned to Seattle on Sunday evening.

Christine showed me how to bowdrill a fire.

She helped get it started.

Spinning glow poi.

At the trail head.

Hiking to the beach.

We reached the beach.

This deer had no fear of people.

Raccoon print

Gathering driftwood for fire.

Dancing on Saturday.

Lounging about on the rocks.

We saw intersing sea anemones in the tidal pools.

And these interesting mollusks

And this beautiful sunset

Here is our camp

On Sunday I started to make beach art

such as this star

And this face

Soon it was time to leave

We saw beautiful mushrooms

Such as this purple one here

We took the ferry back to Seattle.