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  • Here are some emails I've received about raccoons:

    David I had trouble last summer with a family of Raccoons so my wife called some wild life trapper here in Wyoming set two traps two weeks later I'm out $150.00 and know Raccoons caught also for each one he caught it's $50.00 but I didn't have to pay he never caught one we have a pool so this is what they like so I got my trap and set it next to his and I caught seven in two weeks so I called him to pick his traps up. So now another family has moved in now I have a License to do the trapping I use a slice of bread with peanut butter works every time caught three in four night's. Thanks Jim

    My response: Wow, sounds like you're a lot better than that company you hired.
    Thank you for your website- As you can imagine I think I have raccoons in my attic. However I think they have been there for sometime (over a year). I hear something come into the attic (around 5 to 6 am) and at first I thought it was squirrels. Last winter I thought live and let live, but it has been a year, not hearing them all the time. My husband never hears them! He has been telling me that they are on the roof. This morning he heard them because they got in a fight above my room. I thought they were going to fall through the ceiling. Which really concerns me about what is there. So my question is would these babies now be grown and still living here? I tried to call the pro you have listed but mail box is full. I will keep trying. So what if they are not babies????? or no new babies? Kanda

    My response: Babies usually leave the nest and the general area/territory at about 9 months old, and the mother prepares for a new litter. You've got to find out how they are getting in, remove them via trapping or exclusion, and seal the openings up afterward. Make sure the young are big enough to go outside, and into the traps. Have you considered hiring a professional wildlife company?
    We have some fearless raccoons in our back yard here in Wyoming. They destroyed a koi - and we have put up chicken wire and haven't had a problem there since. But they have now found my wife's vegetable garden, and are attacking it nightly. We bought a steel trap and caught one last year. It promptly destroyed the trap and escaped. It's actually scary to go outside at night - they are that fearless of us. One night, my wife emptied a can of pepper spray on one that wouldn't go away from the back porch. He sneezed once, shook his head, and gave her a, "C'mon, lady - is that the BEST ya got?" kind of look. We are at your mercy. What can you do for us?

    My response: Wow, that IS a fearless raccoon. Have you tried hiring a professional trapper in your area?
    Hi - I did a search online and found your website. I have a raccoon in my attic, its been here several months, at the beginning we heard others, babies I think. but it appears she moved the babies out, but she still lives here. she leaves every night about 8-9pm, we hear her in the kitchen walls. she returns about 4am, we hear her in her nest above my shower around 4-5am. we contacted wildlife rescue.. they recommended throwing ammonia bombs in the attic to scare her away. this did not work. they then recommended we play loud music in the day.. this did not work. she lives in the attic right above both bathrooms, we hear her behind the tub sometimes as it echoes and she makes clanking noises. I have no idea what she is doing... we've heard her in the walls in several rooms. but she seems to leave the house from my kitchen area. I have not been able to catch a glimpse of her. I am at my wits end now and have no idea how to get her to leave, the babies are gone.. but she remains. I have no idea why she chose my house other than we don't have dogs and my neighbors on either side have dogs. perhaps she felt safe at my house. I have no idea where she came from, I am in a neighborhood at O'Connor. been here 16 yrs and NEVER had anything like this happen before. I don't know what to do now. Linda

    My response: You've got to find out how they are getting in, remove them via trapping or exclusion, and seal the openings up afterward. Have you considered hiring a professional Wyoming wildlife removal company?

    a week ago we had a man bring 2 traps out and set them on each end of the attic. the racoon had made a nest above my bathroom and had 2 babies there. after a couple of weeks the babies were gone, but she continued to come and go. we found she had dug a hole thru the roof above my kitchen and getting in and out thru there. she apparently had been trapped before, she got mad about the cage on the kitchen side, she banged it around for well over an hour,. but would not go inside it. then she left the attic instead of going to her nest as usual. we have not seen or heard her in over 8 days now. so I had some men come and patch my roof. I am very surprised at the strength raccoons have and that they could get into the attic from the roof top. amazing. she is now probably in one of my neighbors attics as she has never come back to my house.
    In your Animal control business, do you ever come across Baby Raccoon kits that you relocate or put down? I am really trying to find a baby raccoon for a pet, and wanted to ask you if you could let me have or buy a baby raccoon that you would otherwise put down. I have had raccoon and other exotic pets before.

    My response: Sorry I don't kill baby raccoons, I send them to a rehabber, and it's illegal to give them away as pets, and I don't think they are good pets anyway because they get wild and mean at 6 months old, and I don't live near you anyway, I live in Wyoming wildlife removal is what I need.
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