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This directory updated monthly, current as of 2015

This site lists a nationwide directory of professional wildlife trappers. It contains a comprehensive listing, by state and city, of experts in the field of nuisance wildlife control, also known as animal damage control. The professionals listed here represent both sole proprietorships and larger companies, but all are specialists in wildlife control solutions. This is a special list of unique people who provide a very unique service. These are not regular poison-spraying pest control companies, nor are they part-time fur trappers. Each company listed here represents professionals who work strictly within the field of wildlife control. Please click on your state to find a full-service professional in your home town. Visit our mobile site:

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Some of the common types of scenarios covered by the professionals listed on this site include: Raccoon removal from attics and property - removal of opossums, skunks, armadillos, groundhogs, and other animals from under sheds or decks and other areas of property - squirrel removal from attics and soffits of houses - rodent, rat and mouse removal inside buildings and homes - bat control and removal of colonies of bats from attics - bird and pigeon control - snake removal and prevention - mole trapping and control - dead animal removal in homes and on property - wildlife damage repairs - home inspections and critter prevention services - attic cleanup and wildlife waste removal. Please check out my most popular wildlife removal articles below:

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Most recent featured article: How To Get Rid Of Coyotes

The increasing world population and the erstwhile need for more land mass has resulted in a decrease in coyote natural habitats and this has seen more and more of them dwelling with humans in suburban areas. Coyotes play a huge role in keeping the rodent population down, but their propensity to snack on pets and livestock wearies many a homeowner or farmer. The nighttime howls of coyotes, especially during mating season, is particularly disturbing as it resembles the sound of a crying baby or a wounded animal – but very much louder! If you simply can’t take it anymore, below are some ways to get rid of the coyotes in your backyard.

How To Get Rid Of Coyotes In Your Yard
Coyotes are not comfortable around humans so there shouldn’t be a good reason to find them in your yard. However, a coyote that’s hungry and finds some source of food available will try to get it. The kinds of food that may attract a coyote can be trash or pet food that you may leave outside. So the first step to getting a coyote away from yard is to get rid of the food source. If you have pet food outside, then move it inside. And you should not leave the garbage outside overnight because that will not only attract coyotes, but other wildlife as well. If you do have a problem of a returning coyote, you should consider a fence with an outward slant because that will make it harder for a coyote to get in. If a fence is not slanted, then some coyotes will be able to climb. Some people like to see the wildlife in their yard. However, if you’re like many animal lovers, you own a pet and it can soon become the coyote’s next meal. That is why it is so important to keep the coyotes out.

How To Get Rid Of Coyotes In Your Shed
A shed provides adequate shelter for a coyote. So in some places, it is actually common to come across one of them. You should never try to remove the coyote yourself if one has gotten into your shed because a coyote can be defensive and may attack. Coyotes, like many wild animals, can carry rabies which is a mortal disease. To get the coyote out of your shed, open the door and stand away from the entrance. Making some noise will help scare the coyote away. Once the coyote is away, you should make sure that there is no other entrance to your shed that you may not have noticed before. If there is, you should close it. If you have a dog, that would be a good source for the noise you need. But make sure that the dog is large enough so that it may scare away the coyote. Remember not to keep anything in your shed that may be a food source for the coyotes. There are not many traps big enough to trap a coyote, plus releasing them may be a bit dangerous for someone without the experience. If you don’t want to risk confronting a coyote, you should call a local wildlife management agent or animal control. Read more about how to get rid of coyotes.

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