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Gallery of Wildlife Control Pictures and Photos

Wildlife Removal Photo Gallery

The below photographs were taken on the job - nuisance wildlife control is an interesting field of work!

Trapped Raccoon and Babies

Holding a Small Armadillo

Opossum Bears Its 50 Teeth

Rattlesnake on Snake Hook

Trapped Eastern Gray Squirrels

Rat Trapping In an Attic

Be Gentle When Handling Bats

Opossums Have Prehensile Tails

Dead Animal Removal - a Dirty Job

Small Raccoons From an Attic

Armadillo Trapped in a Trap

A Swarm of Bats at a Hotel

A 4' American Alligator

This Snake is Pretty, But Deadly

Juveline Squirrel in Chimney

These are just a few of the thousands of photographs that I've taken while running a professional wildlife removal business. All of these animals were removed from the homes of customers. Nuisance Wildlife Removal is often interesting work, but it's also highly skilled. For example, in the first photo, we see a female raccoon with babies in a trap. All I know when I arrive at the home is that the customer is complaining of animal noises up in the attic. I have to inspect the situation, determine from the tracks and the droppings what animal(s) are up there, use my knowledge of raccoon breeding seasons to realize that there must be babies in the attic, do a very difficult crawl in the attic to find and remove them, set them in a specialty trap as live bait, catch the mom, then relocate them all together. A lesser company, or an ignorant person who doesn't know much about wildlife might set some rat traps or poison in the attic, or even if they knew it was a raccoon, they might set the wrong trap, or just trap the mom and leave the young to suffer of starvation, die, and rot in the attic, etc. Each photo you see here involved a skilled capture. In the last photo, we see a squirrel on a rope. That's a juvenile squirrel, and it fell down a metal chimney flu, and was unable to get out. However, there was no damper (opening) on the bottom, so no way to get it out from below. I had to disassemble the chimney cap, lower a rope down, and pull the squirrel out by hand, then fix the cap. From tricky situations like these, to deadly situations like that large Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake pictured above, wildlife removal involves a lot of skill and risk, and is best left to professionals.

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