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We are the nation's largest team of professional wildlife removal experts. We solve any kind of problem between people and wild animals. My name is David, author of this website, and founder of the company. In addition to providing education to the public about wildlife conflict issues, we offer exceptional wildlife removal services throughout the USA, in almost every city and town. No matter who you hire to help with your critter problem, don't be afraid to ask about the professional's credentials. Listen in order to determine if the wildlife operator sounds friendly and knowledgeable about the situation at hand. You should look for the following traits in any wildlife control operator that you hire:

  • Fully Licensed
  • Fully Insured
  • Polite and Courteous
  • Professional Service
  • On-Time Appointments
  • Humane to Animals
  • Thorough and Honest
  • Guarantees Work

The 542 companies listed on this website are, in my opinion, the best you can find in your town. Yes, I keep in direct contact with ALL of them on a frequent basis, and I do believe you are better off hiring a company from Wildlife-Removal.com than by doing your own search in your area.

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Nuisance wildlife control and wild animal management is a specialty line of work, unlike traditional pest control, which typically implies insect control. Nuisance animal trappers deal strictly with mammals and reptiles. There's a big difference between simply spraying a lawn with poison to kill the ants and actually solving a problem with a large animal, such as a raccoon in an attic. Human-wildlife conflicts continue to grow as human populations grow and we spread out development into previously untouched wildlife habitat. Many wildlife species have gone into decline, but some have learned to adapt and even thrive in developed areas. Some animals simply survive better in urban habitats, such as rats and pigeons. Raccoons have learned that garbage cans, dumpsters, and pet dishes make easy sources of food. Squirrels know that buildings are better to live in than trees. When wild animals live in buildings they can destroy property (chewing on wires, etc), make noise (which keeps people awake at night) and cause biohazard and health risks from waste.

A professional wildlife control company will resolve these animal damage problems quickly and effectively, while maintaining a humane stance on wildlife treatment. Wildlife control is not easy - it requires a great deal more knowledge and skill than many other service fields. If requires special training, licensing, and insurance. It can often be dangerous or dirty, but it's also often very rewarding to the people who have chosen to undertake a career in this field. However, please be aware that not all companies are equal. Just as in any field, there's the true professionals - with the proper training, licensing, insurance, and who offer a guarantee, in writing, of their work, and then there are the fly-by-night outfits run by people who may not know what they are doing. Before you hire anyone, ask questions over the phone until you feel comfortable that the person you are hiring is knowledgeable and professional. Experience counts, as does a strong work ethic and sense of fairness and honesty. If you simply call around for the cheapest price, figuring that everyone does the same work, you'll be sorry. Many of the best people in this field have to fix up the mistakes made by lesser wildlife control companies. If you want to hire a professional, look for the trapper located near you on this above listing of professionals, by state. Below are some of our most popular locations:

Birmingham Wildlife Control - Phoenix Wildlife Control - Tucson Wildlife Control - Los Angeles Wildlife Control - San Diego Wildlife Control - San Jose Wildlife Control - Sacramento Wildlife Control - Denver Wildlife Control - Hartford Wildlife Control - Orlando Wildlife Control - Miami Wildlife Control - Jacksonville Wildlife Control - Tampa Wildlife Control - Atlanta Wildlife Control - Chicago Wildlife Control - Indianapolis Wildlife Control - Baltimore Wildlife Control - Boston Wildlife Control - Detroit Wildlife Control - Minneapolis Wildlife Control - Nassau County Wildlife Control - Syracuse Wildlife Control - Charlotte Wildlife Control - Raleigh Wildlife Control - Columbus Wildlife Control - Akron Wildlife Control - Portland Wildlife Control - Philadelphia Wildlife Control - Pittsburgh Wildlife Control - Houston Wildlife Control - San Antonio Wildlife Control - Austin Animal Control - Seattle Wildlife Control - Milwaukee Wildlife Control

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