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How To Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels To Remove Pigeons

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For those people who have a pigeon infestation within a property, then trying to get rid of the animals is often one of their biggest priorities, as there is no doubt that pigeons can be a real pest. The type of damage that they can cause will come from the feces that they will drop all over the place to the way that they will salvage nesting materials and pull apart insulation if they find their way into a roof cavity. One way to deal with pigeons is to use exclusion funnels that will get the pigeons out of the cavity permanently.

When Are Exclusion Funnels Effective?

When you are dealing with a pigeon infestation, it is important to understand when these measures can be successful, and when you will need to look at alternatives to ensure that you get rid of the birds. Funnels will only work if you have a pigeon infestation in a confined space, where the entry points are quite small such as an attic or roof cavity. These funnels cannot be used to deal with pigeons in barns or buildings with large openings providing access for the pigeons.

How Do You Prepare The Space For Installation Of Funnels?

After donning the appropriate protective gear, the first thing that you will need to do is to find all of the holes that the pigeons are using to get in and out of the space. Once you have identified these access points, the next step is to seal all but one or two of these points, so that the pigeons are forced to use the access point where you will be installing the funnel.

Putting The Funnels In Place

The key part of the funnel is that it allows the pigeon out but prevents them from getting back in again. This means that when you are installing the funnels, make sure that you are sealing the area around the funnel with flashing or wire mesh to prevent them from getting around the edges of the funnel.

Sealing The Space To Prevent Future Infestation

After a few days, when you check the attic and the spots there where the birds were nesting, you should find that the birds are gone, but make sure to check any nests for chicks, as they will need to be removed too. Seal the attic, and make sure to clean up any areas that have been contaminated by the feces from the pigeons. Go back to the Bird Removal page.

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