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Wildlife X Team

Wildlife X Team is a full-service wildlife control company serving Shawnee OK and the surrounding area. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife damage management for both residential and commercial customers. We are state licensed by the Oklahoma Fish & Wildlife Commission. We handle nearly all aspects of wildlife control, and resolve conflicts between people and wildlife in a humane and professional manner. For Shawnee pest control of wildlife, just give us a call at 405-708-7080 - yes, we answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and we will discuss your wildlife problem and schedule an appointment to solve it. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Many of Oklahoma's wild animals have learned to adapt and even thrive in our homes. For example some wildlife have found that attics make great places to live. Other animals find refuge under homes or porches. Invariably, these animals cause damage. Rodents, like squirrels and rats, love to chew on electrical wires once in an attic, and this causes a serious fire hazard. Raccoons can cause serious contamination in an attic with their droppings and parasites. Same goes for bat or bird colonies. We specialize in solving Oklahoma's wildlife problems, from snake removal to large jobs like commercial bat control, we do it all.

We do not handle dog or cat problems. If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you need to call your local Pottawatomie county animal services for assistance. They can help you out with issues such as stray dogs, stray cats, spay & neuter programs, vaccinations, licenses, pet adoption, bite reports, deceased pets, lost pets, local animal complaints and to report neglected or abused animals. There is no free Shawnee animal control for wildlife issues.

Pottawatomie County Animal Services or Humane Society: (405) 297-3100

Shawnee Wildlife Removal Tip: What is raccoon eviction fluid? You may have heard of raccoon eviction fluid if you've been research how to get a raccoon out of your home or attic. When it comes to repellents and deterrents, this is the only one that is likely to have any luck and even then, that's only the case if you have a female raccoon. The good news is that a rogue raccoon in your home will usually be a female. The bad news is that she will probably have babies in tow. Raccoon eviction fluid works to solve the whole problem in some cases, but only when used properly and as directed, and also when used in conjunction with sealant methods - making sure all damage and holes / cracks / crevices are sealed so no animal can come back. It's all very good and well making these animals leave but eventually they are going to want to come back. You can't have raccoon eviction fluid all over your attic or home all over the place. The fluid itself is actually a smart combination of fluids which have been taken from male raccoons - the gland fluid and urine to be precise. When you sprinkle or spray this fluid around, a female raccoon will believe there is a male raccoon present because of the scent. She will move out of your house (if successful) because male raccoons will attack her young if she leaves them unattended. These are scavengers - cannibalism isn't out of their league. That threat in mind, that's why raccoon eviction fluid can work.

Shawnee Animal News Clip: It's time Shawnee pest control companies did their pest control homework

The bowman draws the string silently, anchoring the nock of the steel critter cage at the corner of his mouth and releasing some sort of half-breath as the sight pin settles just aft of the crease along the squirrel's shoulder. As the wiggles subside, some sort of bead of sweat trickling south from his forehead, the exterminator releases. The cage trap limbs reflex with the blur of the string's recovery and the steel critter cage may be gone. In some sort of splinter of some sort of second the streaking shaft finds its mark 27 yards away, plunging into the vitals of the foam unusually large. Striped Skunk Handler Michael's long pest control squirrel wildlife trapping season begins early, the first Saturday in September nowadays. That's Sept. 2 this year. Soon. Many serious pest control companies have been at their pest control homework for some time, and others are joining the campaign just about now to be ready. Scouting and the actual wildlife trapping may come later, but midsummer can be some sort of vital preparatory period for the exterminator's equipment and critter capturing form. some sort of cage trap and steel critter cage exterminator should capture during the season to keep sharp, but preseason practice may be essential to hone for some sort of moment of truth or two that may come seven day periods or years later. Critter capturing some sort of cage trap in repetition may be the best way to learn to capture some sort of cage trap. Along with physically building the muscles necessary to capture with ease, practice in launching carefully aimed steel critter cages develops "muscle memory" that may be necessary to capture with consistency. Developing good form and critter capturing in that position repeatedly to the point that it becomes automatic are the keys to accurate steel critter cage placement. The kind of critter capturing practice one takes can reflect in success or the lack of it in real wildlife trapping circumstances. For more information about Shawnee wildlife removal and Shawnee pest exterminator issues, read on.

Not only must the cage trap and its chosen accessories be ready to capture with passable accuracy, it must be able to do it with deathly quiet. Preseason may be the time to equip some sort of cage trap with string silencers and limb vibration absorbers to hush the trap. Even more critical may be fitting an steel critter cage rest with mole skin or lining the riser's shelf area with felt so some sort of draw doesn't screech even slightly or some sort of bobbled steel critter cage shaft doesn't clunk off the side of the cage trap. The whole setup should be adjusted and the moving parts, the wheels or cams of some sort of compound cage trap, lubricated so the draw doesn't make the tiniest of stress noise that could send sharp-eared squirrel bounding away. Local Shawnee pest control companies had no comments on the matter.

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