How To Find and Hire an Effective Wildlife Control Professional

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  • Answers the phone at all times, if you have a wildlife emergency, or a critter trapped in a cage.
  • Is nice to talk to, sounds professional, and who can answer your questions.
  • Is available to come out quickly. If he has to schedule two weeks out, then he may not be available to get caged critters.
  • Properly licensed by the state wildlife commission.
  • Carries liability insurance
  • Is in good shape, and is willing to climb through the attic and on the roof. This is vital.
  • Treats wildlife with respect, and who uses humane removal tactics.
  • Offers a written warranty of work provided.

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Who is a wildlife control professional?
A wildlife control professional is a person trained in handling wildlife nuisance and damage problems effectively. Anyone can try to take care of animal problems, but only the professionals do it in a qualitative and effective way. While the services of a wildlife control professional may not be needed in all cases, there are other times when they remain your best or only chance to really get rid of an animal problem.

Although hiring a wildlife control professional does not come cheap, it is certainly cost effective in the long run. For instance, if you decide to do it yourself, you may end up buying lots of products and trying different methods with no success. But when a professional handles it for you, you can be sure that the affordable amount paid to him will produce results.

Why do we need the service of wildlife control professional?

You may want to know why you really need to get a wildlife control professional involved in your animal infestation problem? Well, here are some reasons that may convince you:

  • For a quick solution to your animal problems. Even though wildlife control professionals are not magicians, they are well trained and experienced in handling animal issues. With their knowledge and experience, they can provide quick solutions to animal problems, which a non-professional in the field will struggle with and take a longer time to solve.
  • For the effective control of nuisance animals. In many instances, those animals have frustrated the efforts of home or farm owners to get rid of them. The simple reason for this is that property owners do not know so much about how to deal with the troublesome animals. Having being adequately trained, wildlife control professionals know the right way to deal with each animal with no adverse effects on the environment. Each animal differs and as such the methods for controlling differ as well.
  • For the prevention of bigger problems. There is a lot of information available on the internet about animal control, but most of these sources will not tell you the inherent dangers obtainable from using any method. Neither will they tell you the consequence some product will have on your environment and health. Wildlife control professionals on the other hand, will solve your animal issues with considerations for the environment and the safety of lives around there.

So, what are the qualities to look out for in a wildlife control professional?
1. He must be licensed; and the only way to be sure of this is to check his license.

2. They should be ready to accept all responsibility if things go wrong.

3. Whoever is going to take charge of a nuisance animal must be knowledgeable about the animal involved - their habitat, behavior, appearance, life cycle etc.

4. A wildlife control professional must have had some experience in the field. You may need to look up some previous work done by this professional. You can do this by getting the phone numbers of previous clients from the controller and calling them to know how effective the service rendered was.

How to hire a wildlife control professional
1. Get recommendations; enquire from people about wildlife control professionals they have hired in the past and how good the service was. Ask to be introduced.

2. Contact the wildlife control professional and ask him to come over for an inspection to assess the problem on site. Inspection may attract charges.

3. Receive full details of how the pests will be controlled. This should include the method to be used and the materials required. This will help you to estimate what will be required of you during the process. For instance, if large traps are going to be used in getting rids of the pests, you may need to remove children and pets from the location to prevent accidents.

4. Let there be a written agreement on fees and ethics. This is to make sure that no disagreement arises between you both during and after the service has been rendered. Ascertain that there are no hidden charges and every agreement must be explicit enough for both parties to understand.

5. There should be a warranty on the service to be provided.

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