Marmot removal and trapping methods

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Have you heard about the term “marmot”? If not this might be the right time to be familiar with these little animals and you might just find yourself fighting off some of their nuisance species in your home or inside your property. Just to make it simple “marmots” are large ground squirrels with almost 14 species making up their kind. They are normally found in burrows or holes that have been either made by them or by other animals which already left their dwellings.

Ground hogs are the most basic example that we can identify because of the many problems that they cause to many agricultural as well as residential sites. But sometimes there are other species that can be more linked to being rodents because of certain characteristics. Traditionally, you can find them in mountainous areas but as their natural habitats slowly diminish because of continuous clearing of mountains to accommodate more modern constructions and other developments, they tend to find alternative sites which can replace their homes.

They almost always come in groups or herds that would be the reason why they are mostly starting to populate by starting out just with a couple of male with their family of females and their off springs. They also have some distinct sounds when they feel danger and whistle loudly to alert their peers of the impending danger.

As with other unexpected animals within your property, many people actually consider them as nuisance and may prove to be very annoying when it comes to inhabiting your place which may sometimes cause a mess especially if they are hunting for food and may eventually cause some unnecessary destruction within your property.

To avoid such hassle there are many things that you can do to rid yourself with your marmot problem. Usually it is recommended to try to take out the things that have attracted these animals in the first place like maybe a good source of food for them so as to try to give them a reason not to visit your place again or perhaps to pull out their herd for a better place to live. You can also try to install a fence or something of a barrier to stop them from entering the premises of your property. Of course the type of barrier would also depend on the type of marmot which infests your area. Another possible method is to use something or take advantage of the things that would instill fear in the hearts of these creatures.

If all things come to a failure and all your efforts gone to waste, you only have two options left and the only one that is mostly recommended and widely accepted is the use of traps to catch them and eventually get rid of them. Such traps might be easily available in the market and you can use different types according to your preference and your budget. Normally these traps would come in the form of cages. These are actually the easiest traps that you can avail of since it also comes in different sizes, and the types of cages you use would also depend again on the type of marmot infestation you are encountering. Of course, the use of such devices might be restricted in some states so you better check your state laws first before administering them.

Now, with the use of traps there are some types that might be used just to cage them and there are traps that instantly kill, and it is really up to you which one to use as long as it is allowed in the state that you are living in for marmot removal. In the event that you already have them trapped, you are again presented with several options and the first of which is to have them released in an area which was designated by your local authority, if you are not allowed to release them then you can hand them over to proper authorities who know how to get rid of them and the last option is really to kill them yourself if you are allowed by your local state laws.

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