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How to Kill Moles

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To be candid, killing does seem the best and most dependable way to get rid of these poor sighted creatures as most other means of controlling them do not always give the desired result. There are quite a handful of ways to kill moles, but the use of lethal traps and poisons are the most common.

A lot of people talk about getting a shovel or pitchfork and collapsing their tunnels, and killing them in the process. Well, you are hardly going to kill them that way as they are most likely to run away before you can hit them with either garden tool. Shooting is another option commonly used for other nuisance animals like groundhogs and armadillos, but moles are very small compared to these other animals and targeting a mole for shooting could be rather cumbersome. Shooting is therefore not a viable option when you want to kill moles. Below are some of the known effective mole killers:

Mole Poisoning

There is a variety of poisons that can be used to kill moles, each working in its own way. Although moles have poor eyesight, they are not entirely blind and so whatever you are going to use to poison them should have some resemblance to what they would normally eat or else they will not consume the poison. This is why many of the common mole poisons are shaped like worms – one of the mole’s favorite foods.

  1. Bromethalin - this is a combination of bromine and fluorine. Shaped like earthworms, bromethalin will cause a convulsive reaction in moles first and eventually result in death.
  2. Fumigants - fumigants like Fumitoxin are gaseous poisons that effectively eliminate moles. The fumigant is released into active tunnels and allowed to circulate through. Any resident mole that inhales it will be dead in a short while. These chemicals should however be used with great caution as they pose health risks to humans that inhale them as well.
  3. Warfarin - Warfarin has an anticoagulant effect, which prevents coagulation of the mole’s blood. As a result, the mole starts bleeding internally until it is dead. This gel-like poison also comes in worm shape sometimes.

Note that care must be taken when applying any of these poisons because they do not pose a problem to moles alone, but also to humans and the environment. Residue of poisons can affect soil fertility and cause skin problems for humans if contacted. In extreme cases, some are even capable of killing children and pets.

Lethal trapping

Lethal trapping entails using lethal traps to kill animals. To be successful at this, it is important that the trap be positioned correctly – usually at the entrance of the tunnel. Many lethal traps have been made specially to help eradicate moles, and some of them are detailed below:

  1. Paper traps - This trap is set inside the tunnel with each side of the clamp sitting with their backs against each other. The mole will inevitably try to pass in between the trap, thereby hitting the pin and triggering the trap. Then the two clamps will come together with the mole in between them. This will result in instant death.
  2. Scissors trap - Just as the name indicates, this trap features two scissors-like jaws and a trigger pan. Dig a small hole in the middle of the mole's active tunnel and set the trap there with each jaw standing on either side of the hole. The trigger pan will make the jaws come together as soon as the mole passes through the middle and the mole will be killed instantly.
  3. Spear trap - the Spear trap is to be carefully set over the mole's active tunnel. The spear is its major feature and whenever a mole passes through the part of the tunnel where this trap is, the trap is triggered and the spear will pierce the mole, leading to its death.

Whatever trap type you decide on, you can increase your chances of success by setting more than one trap. Ideally, use one trap for each tunnel observed.

You should find out what your local laws recommend on animal control before proceeding with any of these mole eradication methods. Some states out rightly prohibit using poisons.

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How to Kill Moles

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