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Do Mole Repellents Work?

No. I have worked with moles for years, and have moles in my own yard from time to time (before I kill them with traps, that is), and I've tested every known mole repellent, just to see. Because it would be a lot easier to try some spray, liquid, powder, or machine to take care of the problem than to do the work that goes into expert and effective mole trapping.

Moles live down in the dirt. They eat only live earthworms and grubs. As such, it's pretty much impossible to affect them. So, what if you spray castor oil, as is suggested, on the ground? A little oil goes in the topmost layer of dirt. Moles don't care. The oil doesn't reach them, and even if it does, they don't seem to care. How would moth balls work? They give off a bad scent in the air. No animals seem to care about it though, and least of all moles, which live in dirt. Some shysters have created sound machines. Again, the sound is muffled by dirt, and even when sounds are loud and clear, they don't affect animals like rats or squirrels. All I'll say is this: if you don't believe me, go ahead and buy and try mole repellent products. When they don't work, you'll want to solve the problem the correct way, with trapping and removal. Click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional mole trappers serving all 50 states.

Below is an article that my niece wrote for a class project, having done internet research on the subject, and while she's a fine writer, it's just plain wrong. A symptom of all the bad information out there.

Mole Repellent - If you are a person that takes pride in getting the lawn looking as perfect as possible, then you may find your worst adversary is moles. Moles can be beneficial to the ground as they aerate the soil they live in. They also eat some insects that would make an afternoon BBQ a nightmare. Moles are not all good news though; besides eating those insects they can also eat the vegetation in your garden and the seeds that you depend on to keep your yard looking green and perfect. You have a few options to getting rid of moles but you should know the positives and the negatives of those options. There are also other options available to you like a company that removes wildlife from your yard. Those companies are usually the best option to get the job done but if you want to try to get the moles out of the area yourself then keep on reading.

Commercial Repellents - There is a good amount of mole repellents available online and at gardening stores everywhere. They are somewhat effective, but they are not always the as good as the label promises. You should try to learn more about a repellent’s effectiveness before you make a purchase. Another thing that you should know about over the counter mole repellents is that most of them will be toxic; that means that if you have children or pets then it is not the best idea to use these types of repellent because they can cause damage to your family that is simply not worth it. The repellents are also toxic to other types of wildlife, so you should exercise some caution when using these products. You could instead use some other natural ways to repel moles. They can often be as effective and as easy to get as the commercial types of repellent.

Eucalyptus Or Mint Oil - This repellent is a safe way to get the moles out of your yard. If you ever got your hands on eucalyptus oil then you already know that it is a strong smell. The strong smell is not something that moles favor and the same is true about mint oil. You will also need cotton balls that you will soak with the oils. If you find a hole on the ground then you may be in luck. If you see fresh tracks then all you need to do is put the soaked cotton balls in the hole. Do not use your hand; instead push the cotton balls into the hole with a stick to avoid being surprised by a mole. If you find more than one hole do the same process with all of them, and then cover the holes. This process needs to be repeated a few days to ensure its effectiveness. Eventually the moles will move to a different location.

Castor Oil And Water - Another combination that has shown to work in a few occasions is the combination of water and castor oil. You can use a bucket or a smaller jug, but the combination must remain consistent. The recipe is simple; all you need to do is get three quarters water and one quarter castor oil. Just like with the eucalyptus oil this combination must be poured in the hole where a mole may be; look for all the holes that you can find and repeat the process. You should also do this for a few days to get the moles out. Natural solutions to repel moles exist and they are non-toxic, humane ways to get the moles out of your property. If you decide to go with an over the counter repellent you should look at the ingredients and use with caution.

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