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Does Using Poison Cause Dead Rats In The House?

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There are many people around the country who will think of poison as the solution when they have a rat infestation in their property, outbuildings or in the yard or garden of their home. Although these products are prominently displayed in hardware stores and garden centers, it is worth considering whether this is really a good option to take. Despite many myths to suggest that rats try to escape a property when poisoned, the reality is that they will often die in the house, and can cause a whole lot more problems when they do.

Do Rats Try To Get To Water When Poisoned?

This is a common idea that people will believe, as there are many poisons that cause rats and other animals to become dehydrated, but this doesn't cause the rats to try and go looking for a source of water. In fact, when animals feel ill they will go to the places where they feel safest, so if they were already nesting in the wall, attic or basement of your home, they will often try to return there instead.

How Quickly Do Poisoned Rats Die?

One of the main reasons why poisoning is not a favored way to deal with rats is that it is very cruel on the rat, as it can often take several days to die, meaning that it is very difficult to know where it will finally die. Poison also causes confusion in the animals, so they may die in areas where they would not otherwise have ventured, making it more difficult to find the carcasses so they can be removed.

Where Will You Find The Dead Rats?

Rats will generally remain in dark and warm areas of the property, so the kinds of places where you can find dead rats if you have used poison will be inside wall cavities, in the dark corners of attics and basements, and in the dark recesses behind furniture. This can mean that removing the dead rat is often more of a nuisance than actually living with the rat in the first place.

Alternatives To Poison

There are several better ways of dealing with rats in the house, and the easiest and most common way to do this is to lay traps, with the simple snap traps still one of the most effective ways of dealing with the rodents. If you are not too keen on removing the rats yourself, then professional animal removal experts can also help you to deal with a rat infestation. Go back to the Rat Removal page or read my guide for How to get rid of rats.

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