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Do Skunks Attack Chickens?

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There are many people across the country who like to keep chickens, and as they do not take up too much space in a yard or garden, they are a good way to get fresh and organic eggs. However, chickens will usually be happier if they have nice area to explore and to run around in, and it is in these areas where they will often become vulnerable to different pest animals that will attack and kill them. One of these species is the skunk, and if you do keep chickens then it is wroth bearing in mind that the presence of a skunk in the area can be a threat to your chickens.

How Do Skunks Kill Chickens?

In most cases skunks are opportunists, but if they do encounter chickens then they will look to kill them, and the fact that they have sharp teeth and claws puts them at a distinct advantage against the chickens in this instance. In most cases you will find that skunks actually attack the head and neck of the chicken, and they will usually tear out the throat and neck area of the chicken to kill the bird, and they will then eat as much of the chicken as they need.

Skunks Eating Eggs And Chicks

Because chickens are fairly large birds, not all skunks will choose to attack them directly, as the chicken also has claws and can cause some damage with their beaks too. For this reason skunks will often show a preference for stealing the eggs of chickens rather than killing the birds themselves. You can also find that some skunks will be happy to kill chicks but will want to avoid taking on fully grown birds.

Protecting Your Chicken Coop From Skunks

If you are somebody who does keep chickens, then there are several steps that you can take to help protect your birds and to try and keep the skunks well away from your chickens. One of the first things to do is to not only ensure that the chicken coop itself is protected by a wire fence, with barbed wire or a top that is angled outward to prevent animals such as skiunks from climbing over, but this should protect the chicken run too. Alternatively, using traps to catch and remove the skunks can also be an effective way to protect your chickens, but bear in mind that some states have laws around the relocation of pest animals.

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