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What equipment is needed to trap a skunk?

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When a skunk has already gained entrance and made a home for itself on your property, then what you need to do is to trap and remove it. Live skunk trapping is one of the most effective ways to control skunk although the challenge for most people is in not wanting to get sprayed. Skunks are known to release an obnoxious spray when they feel threatened.

In order to trap a skunk, the most important equipment you need is the trap itself. You may either use the usual cage trap or go for a spray-proof skunk trap that will protect you from getting ‘skunked’ while at it. Read more about How to trap a skunk.

If you are using a spring load cage trap, you will need a canvas or plastic tarp to cover it with before approaching the trapped skunk; this will protect you from getting skunked as well. If the skunk cannot see you, it will not spray. Thus, you can transport it to the release site and let it go.

Hand gloves are a must-have when you deal with skunks or any other wildlife. They are generally known to be carriers of zoonotic diseases that can be contracted by humans. Some of these diseases are Listeriosis, Baylisascaris, Rabies, Hepatitis, and so on. The most common mode of transmission of these diseases is through touching of the animal’s body fluids, either alive or dead. They also carry parasites like ticks and fleas on their coat. Wear thick rubber gloves in this case as they also protect you from bites.

Other protective gear like the kneeling pad may come in useful as well. This is the pad that protects your knees and legs while setting the trap. It also has the benefit of preventing human body odour from getting to the trap during the process of setting it, like the gloves. And of course, it preserves your clothes from dirt stains.

You may also require rubber boots and a catch pole, although they are not very necessary. While relocating and releasing a skunk, wear protective clothing all over your body so the smell does not stick.

Baits and lures - these may be considered as equipment too. Skunks eat almost anything, but the best baits to use in their traps include peanut butter, fish, or some other strong-smelling food as a bait inside the trap. Bait should be smeared evenly on the trap.

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