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Do Skunks Come Out During The Day?

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If you have a skunk that is active in your area, you won't always see the animal itself, but rather you will start to consider the different signs and be able to deduce that it is a skunk that is active in the area. The most common sign that people will find is that there will be a foul smell in a particular area, and if this is combined with scat or claw marks, then this can be a good sign that skunks are active in the area. Skunks are very cautious animals, and will usually look to avoid any contact with people where possible even when they are active.

The Natural Periods Of Activity For Skunks

Skunks are animals that are known as crepuscular, and basically what this means is that they are active in the periods around dawn and dusk. During this time they will usually be exploring their range looking for food and taking on water, and once they have achieved this they will then return to their den. For the rest of the time, during the main part of the night and for most of the day, most skunks will sleep, but there are some situations in which they may become active at other times of the day too.

Adapting To Their Habitat

One of the main reasons that can cause skunks to become active during the day is that the features of their habitat mean that being more active during the day is beneficial to their chances of finding food. This can include days when the garbage is put out to be collected, and the skunks can find more food by scavenging during the day in these areas.

Are Skunks Active During The Day Rabid?

One of the common misconceptions that some people will have about skunks is that if they are active during the day, then the most likely reason for this is that they have contracted rabies or some other skunk disease. Indeed, only a small proportion of skunks are actually infected with rabies, and they rarely have a long survival period once they have been bitten by another animal that carries the disease. The best approach for anyone who does see a skunk that is active during the day is not to get too close, and to give the animal a wide berth. If it is becoming a nuisance in the area, then hiring a professional or trapping and removing the animal are both ways that the problem can be resolved.

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