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What Should I Do With A Snake After I Catch It?

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Trapping or catching snakes is only something that you should do if you are confident and are aware of the risks and dangers of dealing with such animals. Planning what to do, and what you will do once you have caught the snake is very important, as otherwise you can be left with a snake in a trap or container which you cannot relocate or deal with humanely. There are several different approaches that you can take, but the most important thing is that even though the snake is a pest animal, it should still be dealt with humanely.

Laws About Relocating Pest Animals

This is one of the biggest restrictions that those who are trying to deal with a snake problem come up against, as snakes are often considered to be pest animals, and many states and counties have rules relating to such species. In some areas you are not able to relocate the animals over state or county lines, while in other areas you may only be able to relocate within a certain distance, sometimes as little as a few hundred feet from the spot where it was caught.

Choosing A Suitable Relocation Spot

When you are looking for a good place to release a snake that you have caught, one of the first things to look for is an area that is well away from any domestic or commercial properties, to reduce the chances of the animal becoming a nuisance to others. Look for areas that have plenty of cover such as grass or bushes for the snake to escape to, while areas likely to have the type of animals the snake preys on is a good option where possible. You should also look for an area which will give you plenty of space to back off quickly, as some snakes may come out of the trap and be aggressive.

Transporting And Releasing The Snake Safely

Transporting the snake in the trap itself is usually quite safe if you are only taking it a short distance, but for longer trips you may want to consider transfering it into a cage or box with a grille for a lid. Once you reach the spot, remove the lid, and for a glue trap pour on the vegetable oil, and then quickly retire to a safe distance, preferably where you can see the snake moving away in the opposite direction.

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