How to Trap a Woodpecker

Below is my advice for keeping woodpeckers off of your house. However, if it proves ineffective in your case, you have the option to hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company in your area to take care of the problem. You may also email me with any questions you have.

Although woodpeckers are beautiful birds, they may get annoying and even destructive. These birds might choose your house to start pecking holes in it, or in the trees surrounding your house. They might even start making a lot of noise that may become annoying. That is why, you may think about trapping these woodpecker birds.

Trapping a Woodpecker and Getting Rid of It - A specialized trap for woodpeckers is basically just a birdhouse. Inside the birdhouse, there would be a mouse snap trap. However, this would kill the woodpeckers, and killing these birds is illegal since they are protected by the federal migratory bird protection act. Another way of trapping the woodpeckers is by creating a special funnel trap. The funnel will allow the birds to enter without being able to exit. However, this may be useless because you can’t relocate the bird since it will be able to find the way back to its original territory, which is your house. Also, there are trap cages available to trap the birds and relocate them, but these have not proved to be much effective. Another method used by some people is a very sticky substance poured on the pecking surface. The substance used may be a mouse or rat glue board that is stapled on the area where the pecking occurs. This will trap the woodpecker, and leave you with no option but to kill the bird stuck, which is of course illegal.

So, to avoid doing anything illegal by trapping a woodpecker and killing it, you may want to find another way of getting rid of your problem with these birds. The first way is using netting. If the net is installed properly, it will provide a long term solution for your problem. You can also install a metal barrier on the damaged area to protect it from further damage. This works best if you install the barrier as soon as you notice the damage. However, the downside of this method is that the bird may find another unprotected area to peck through. You can also use frightening devices to scare the woodpeckers away. These devices may be visual, like stationary models of hawks or owls, or stimulates snakes, and they can be sounds like any device that would produce loud noises. Both visual and sound devices should be used as soon as a problem is noticed, before the birds establish their territory.

If you want to buy a woodpecker trap, I do not have any available for sale here. Maybe your local office does.

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