How Armadillo's Can Be Removed Using One-Way Exclusion Funnels

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Armadillos are a species that are particularly suited to life in North America, and they actually have proved to be particularly difficult to deal with when they come into contact with domestic properties. There are a whole lot of problems that these animals can cause if they are allowed to explore and remain around a particular area, so it is important to deal with the problem promptly. There are several different ways in which the animals can become an issue, and whether they are living in a burrow on the property, or visiting the area to hunt for food, one-way exclusion funnels can be useful.

Where Can You Install The Funnels?

Because armadillos are actually quite persistent animals they will need to be quite sturdy in order to work effectively, and they can either be installed over holes in the fence that armadillos will be using to get in and out. If they are animals that have occupied or dug a burrow within your yard or garden, then using these funnels over the entry to the burrow can also be used, although this is not always effective.

Can You Use These Funnels In Conjunction With Other Techniques?

One of the best methods of using the one way exclusion funnels is to combine their use with the filling in of the burrow that is being used by the armadillo, although it is always best to check there are no babies in the burrow before doing this. If you are going to be excluding the armadillos in this way, it is often a good time to carry out fence repair work too.

The Problems With Using Funnels

The difficulty with using funnels when dealing with armadillos is that they can be quite clever little animals, and sometimes they will identify the problem and dig around the area where the funnel has been installed. The other issue is that these funnels do not permanently remove the armadillos from the area, and in some cases they can come back to cause further problem in your yard or garden.

Alternative Methods Of Dealing With An Armadillo Problem

Because armadillos are not a native species, in many areas it is prohibited to relocate them, however, where it is allowed the trapping and removal of armadillos is the best way of dealing with the problem. This allows you to move the animals to another location without the problems that are associated with dealing with an animal carcass.

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