Best Ways to Remove Armadillos From Under Your Shed Or Porch

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Having an armadillo digging in the cavity beneath a shed or porch can be quite dangerous for the future of that part of your home, so it is important to deal with it quickly and efficiently. There are a number of steps that you can take, but the most important thing is to get the armadillo out as soon as possible. If you do see signs that suggest there may be armadillos present, make sure you investigate it before you get to the point where the animal causes some serious damage.

Using A One-Way Wire Mesh Door

When you examine the area around the shed or porch, if there is only one access hole that the armadillo is using, then you can prepare a sheet of wire mesh which should be weighted on the floor, with a small gate in it to allow the armadillo to get out. Once the armadillo has climbed out of the gate, it then shuts closed and prevents it from getting back in. This should be used in conjunction with cage trapping to deal with the problem.

Cage Trapping An Armadillo

When it comes to setting a cage trap, the best position is usually flush to the wall of the shed or the porch, as this is where the armadillo will be walking along. The closer that you can place the trap to the entry hole of the animal will help to ensure the greatest level of success when it comes to catching the animal. Creating a funnel into the trap with a small area of fencing can make it even more likely to catch the animal.

Choosing The Right Bait

Choosing bait for an armadillo is really not fully necessary if the trap is placed in the right location, and some people find that bait only succeeds in attracting unwanted animals. Some people will use worms or maggots that are tied into a fine mesh net or the bottom of a stocking, which is then held inside the trap.

Is It Legal For You To Trap The Armadillo?

It is worth bearing in mind that in some areas of Florida and Texas there are regulations stating that only professional animal removal experts can trap armadillos, so it is worth checking with local regulators that you are within the law. Other areas may also have laws about relocating armadillos, but if this is permissible, then try to relocate the trapped animal at least ten miles away in a rural area away from other domestic properties.

Will Repellents Get An Armadillo Out From Under A Shed Or Porch?

One of the biggest myths that has grown over recent decades about pest animals is that they can be dealt with by simply spraying a substance around a hole or entry to a den, and this will then be enough to drive an animal away. While there may be a very small number of cases where an animal leaves of its own volition, there is no evidence to suggest that animal repellents targeted at armadillos or any other animals have largely effective. Those looking at shelves of brightly colored repellent products in a hardware store or garden center may think otherwise, but like other species it is important to deal with an armadillo infestation properly.

The Reason That Repellents Are Ineffective

The armadillo is an animal that has a tremendous sense of smell, but this doesn't mean that using a repellent with a strong smell will make it unbearable for the animal to remain in that area. In most cases, pest animals such as armadillos would rather learn to live with an unpleasant smell rather than leave a comfortable nest beneath a shed or porch.

How Repellents Try To Mimic The Scent Of Predators

While some repellents simply have a really strong smell, others try to mimic the scent of predators to try and repel pest animals. Unfortunately, with armadillos because they are so heavily armored by their carapace, there are very few predators, unless they catch the armadillo unawares, that can even successfully dine on the armadillo.

Chemical Repellents And Home-Made Remedies

While many repellents are sold online and through retailers in most areas, it is usually better to put your money towards finding a real solution to your armadillo problem. There are also home remedies, using items like mothballs, ammonia or even a chilli solution, but none of these have significant repelling effects on armadillos.

Alternative Ways Of Getting Rid Of Armadillos

Trapping the armadillos is the real way of dealing with the animals once they have moved into a space beneath your shed or porch, and for this you will need a cage trap. This should be placed flush against the wall of the porch or shed where the hole is, and then a fence over the hole to guide the armadillo into the trap. Depending on local regulations, the armadillo will then either need to be released well away from your home or humanely euthanized.

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