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You have an armadillo problem. Is there an effective natural armadillo repellent that you can purchase to get rid of them? Or an unnatural product will do as well. Anything to get them to stop digging! Maybe some machine, some device like a high-pitch sound machine that will keep the dillos at bay? Let's examine some of the repellents sold out there:

Mothballs - Yes, this product is chemically known as naphthalene, and is sold in ball form and flake form. Many manufacturers sell mothball flakes as a general animal repellent. The idea is that the mothballs smell bad, so the animal will stay away from them.

Coyote Urine - Or any predator urine, actually, from bobcat to wolf. The idea is that an animal will get scared if it smells the scent of a big, scary predator, and it will keep away from the place where the urine is applied. This is sold in liquid or powder form, sometimes mixed with mothballs.

Castor Oil - The plan here is that armadillos dig in the soil for worms and grubs, and a yard loaded with castor oil is not as good to dig in, and the oil will keep away the grubs.

High-Pitch Sound Machine - The theory is that the high-pitch sound is annoying to armadillos, and they won't want to go near it.

In almost half of the armadillo cases that I take on, the customer has already purchased all matter of magic "armadillo-b-gone" or "armadillo-away" type repellents. These repellents are usually comprised of either naphthalene (moth balls) or predator urine (fox or coyote) or castor oil as noted above. Or some people buy those high-pitch sound machines, which are so useless the FTC has officially labeled them, as a whole, fraudulent products. I've personally observed dozens of cases in which customers have loaded their yards with these sorts of gimmicks, or even poured entire boxes of mothballs or bleach down armadillo burrows (NOT good for the environment, dummies!) and it doesn't effect the armadillo's behavior one bit. In short, I'm saying to you that there is no such thing as an effective armadillo repellent, unfortunately. If you don't believe me, go ahead and try some. Any success you experience at keeping armadillos away though, will be purely coincidental. When the repellents don't work, come back to this site and read about dillo trapping techniques. Or you can click on this map of Professional Wildlife Removal Companies if you want to hire someone to help you.

Look here. I was hired to take care of the armadillo problem at this house after the customer had already poured a 5lb box of mothballs down the armadillo hole. It didn't care. The animal just kicks the mothballs out of the way and continues to use the burrow. Most of the mothballs got buried in the dirt anyway. As usual in wildlife control, there's no cheap and easy solution.

Well, actually there is a relatively cheap and easy solution. Just trap the armadillos in cage traps, and then relocate them far away from your property. That's it. That's the only effective armadillo deterrent out there. But it works, and works very well. If you want to learn more about the process, click this link about how to trap an armadillo. Basically, you just need to set a large sturdy cage trap on the armadillo's path, or even right over the burrow. Make sure it's flush with the ground and doesn't rattle. No bait needed.

If you want to learn more about armadillo behavior and biology, go to may main armadillo removal page.

Armadillo Email From Reader: Hello David, I found your site while searching for assistance in relocating a "herd" of Armadillo's who have decided my property is the PERFECT place to live. :-) I've tried out castor oil and mothballs to get it to go in someone else's yard, but I've found that doesn't work. I'm thinking I need to trap them and get them somewhere else! I'm having a horrible time locating anyone interested in this task for my area...New Port Richey, west of you on the gulf side. I've been searching for months actually. I'm not in your service area unfortunately, but I wanted to stop in and let you know that I spent nearly 2 hours reading all the wonderful info, and about your experiences. By far the BEST site I've ever seen...lot's of "heart" put into it. It's very obvious that you love what you do! Fantastic web site, very enjoyable to spend time reading it. :-) I wish you continued success and hope you never lose your enthusiasm and concern for our wild creatures. They mean no harm to us or our property...they're just living their lives as nature intended, and aren't aware of the issues they sometime create by "sharing" our homes and yards. Very sincerely, -Wendy-

My Response: Thanks for the kind words, Wendy! I do care about wild animals, and wildlife education. For example, it's best for the environment not to spread mothballs around - they don't help anyway. I think if you click on my nationwide directory, you'll find someone who can do armadillo control in your neck of the woods. Read About Armadillos.

I have also written some preventative articles on how to keep armadillos away and another one about how to keep armadillos out of the yard or garden and my general How to Get Rid of Armadillos guide.
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