How to Catch Squirrels

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How to Catch A Squirrel - Squirrels are fun to watch in the wild. The way they run on the ground and the speed in which they get on a tree is as entertaining as anything. Of course all that fun ends the moment you fear they are getting inside your home. Squirrels can make a mess of your attic and even destroy many possessions, woodwork and flower beds. Another issue is that they can damage your home’s insulation and that means higher heating bills for you on top of probable fire hazards. Inevitably, nature will follow its course and one of the squirrels that have made a home in your attic may die there meaning several days of stench in your house if you don’t know where it is. There are things you can do to free your home from squirrels and return them another part of nature.

Finding The Little Furballs - The reason squirrels may make a home in your attic is it offers protection from the elements and therefore an ideal nesting ground. These animals also like to hide food to get them through the winter and what better place for storage than an attic or the walls of your home. The attic is often an unlived in place, so squirrels will feel very secure from predators-even the humans that live there! For instance, when you go into your attic, a squirrel can easily hide there. If a squirrel or several of them manage to find a way into your walls there can be some damage in order to remove them, on top of the destruction they will do while there. This can mean if you’re trying to catch a squirrel you’ll end up with holes in your walls among other problems.

Use Cages To Catch Squirrels - The single best way to catch a squirrel in your attic is by using a live trap. That makes it easy and it can be enticing for a squirrel with the right kind of squirrel bait, such as peanut butter or whole peanuts in shell. Once inside the trap, the process of releasing them into the wild is fairly simple but you have to make sure to release them somewhere far from your home to prevent their return. It is also very important you make sure that it’s legal to relocate the squirrel. The cage itself must be small and it should be placed in an area that the squirrel will feel comfortable going to. Placing it off the ground is preferable but the most important thing is that the cage has some bait the squirrel will go for. Bread works, although peanut butter is much harder for them to remove without getting caught. Some people choose to use fruit such as a sliced apple or some grapes. There are others who think using the large; clamp rat traps are a good idea. Not only are these not the most humane choice for squirrel removal, the animal is often too smart to get caught in them.

A Squirrel In Your Home? - If the squirrel simply has gotten in your home as in your actually living quarters and is hysterical you will want to get it out. Open the doors and try to coerce it to go outside. There is a chance that the squirrel will try to hide in your home without really intending to nest or stay but this is rare as they are a panicky animal. You can try to use a towel to catch the animal by dropping it on top of them, then picking it up and releasing it outside but this is not recommended. Not only will it be very difficult as the squirrel is very fast, you can also get bit and these small animals can pack a powerful bite. When dealing with one of these rodents of the trees, the best and most secure way to get rid of a squirrel in your house is to call a professional. They will be able to get the job done in less time and with as little damage to your property and the squirrel as possible. If live traps are used, they will be responsible for checking them and more importantly releasing the squirrel to the proper, safe area it is to live.

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