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How to Kill Squirrels

First off, there is no registered or effective poison for squirrels. Many people attempt to use rat poison, but squirrels will almost never eat rat poison. And if they do, they don't usually die. And if they do die, then they're going to die in the attic or walls most likely, and cause a terrible odor as they rot. The smell can last almost a month. If you must kill a squirrel, the best methods, in order, are:
1 - SHOOTING: If you're a good shot, all you need is a high-powered air rifle. Just don't clip and maim.
2 - LETHAL TRAPS: This includes body grip traps set right on the squirrel entry hole, like a connibear 55. These are set by professional fur trappers. Never attempt to use a rat snap trap, it won't do the job, but could main.
3 - POISON: Totally ineffective, and in the rare cases it does work, you've got dead squirrel stench in your house.

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Seriously you won't find any squirrel poison sold, and squirrels so rarely eat regular rodenticide poison, and their bodies react in different ways to it. Just do the job right, by trapping and removing the squirrels, and sealing shut the entry holes leading into the house or attic.

How to Kill a Squirrel
Sure, they are cute, with fluffy long tails zipping across the roadways and climbing up into trees in your front yard, however, they can also be a huge nuisance. What are we talking about? The cute little squirrel. However, if this little creature is coming into your home or causing destruction around your house, you will not want to have it anywhere around. So, how can one get rid of a squirrel? Well, you can hope that it goes away on its own; however, if the squirrel has what it needs to survive, he or she may stick around for quite a long time.

Take Away Their Comfort
The first thing to do is to take away all the comforts of home. If you have food outside in trash cans, and who doesn’t? take the time to put tight fitting lids on those cans or house them in a shed or other tight container so that the animal cannot get in and have a feast at their paw tips. If you notice that the critter is coming around a lot and you have not taken these precautions it is past time to do so.

It is now spring time around the nation, and many individuals love to have birdfeeders located in their yards, to draw in all kinds of birds for observation. However, squirrels also love to eat bird seed of all different kinds, and any open bird feeder is an open invitation to have some lunch and stay awhile. Have some clear guards installed on your current bird feeders or if buying new ones, make sure there are some type of guards installed on your feeders. These guards will let a bird get to the food, while frustrating the average squirrel. Sure a squirrel will get some of the bird seed but not much, leaving it to perhaps venture on over to your neighbor’s property to live.

If you live in a locale that has fruit trees and nut trees, these items are so inviting to a squirrel. However, try removing all nuts and berries on the lowest branches where squirrels love to hang out the most. If having these trees means nothing to you, consider digging them up, giving them away or cutting them down to the stump.

Kill Methods
Of course, if you simply cannot get rid of these pests, no matter what you do, there is always the possibility of killing them once and for all. However, this is usually used as the ultimate last resort, when you have tried everything you can think of doing and there is simply no other way to take care of the problem.

Before trying to kill the squirrel, consider trying to trap it and remove it from your premises. There are various traps that can be used, and most of these will humanely trap the pest so that you can take it out to the wild or hand it over to a game individual. There will be individuals who will want to take their aim and shoot the pest, although within a city limits this is illegal behavior.

Some homeowners have put down poison to take care of the problem once and for all. However, this can be and is dangerous to use around your own home if you have little experience handing these types of chemicals. It is especially dangerous if you have a family pet, such as a cat or dog that is allowed free reign in your yard, and that may eat the poison themselves. Also take into consideration small children. No one wants a tragedy to take place and a child to be killed. Also, consider the fact that you will have the dead bodies of squirrels to get rid of and that can make anyone reconsider their kill methods, and favor trapping instead.

In addition, there are exclusion traps that can be placed over the entry points of your home or business that will allow the animal to get trapped for later release into the countryside. It is also very important to consider your state and local regulations when it comes to the ability to trap and/or kill a squirrel. Act outside those regulations and fines can be levied against you.

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