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How To Trap Snakes - Humanely

Option 1 - You can hire a professional in your area. Look on the internet for a company, or your local yellow pages, or you can find someone in your town from my directory of 1500 snake experts serving every US city and town that I list on this website. This method is the most reliable, but the priciest.

Option 2 - You can purchase a snake trap. These rarely work, they are very inhumane if set outdoors, and are overpriced (just a glue board in a box). I used to sell them, but I quit after I learned how bad they are. If you do want to buy a trap, I recommend a cage style minnow trap.

Option 3 - You can catch it yourself. However, this can be risky for novices - almost ALL cases of snakebites occur when people attempt to catch or kill snakes. Read more about snake safety tips here.

Click here for my nationwide list of 100's of professional snake trappers serving all 50 states.

Snake trap - There are many styles of snake traps on the market. Some work and some do not. One of the most popular models is the snake trap glue box, which operates on the premise that snakes will be lured to the plastic box by the use of scent lures inside. Once the animal enters, the glue on the bottom of the trap will hold it firmly in place. Because this trap will hold a snake and keep it alive, you need to make sure you check the trap daily. NEVER set such a trap outside, where it can catch and kill birds or mammals or even the paws of cats and cause suffering. There is no need to let the snake suffer inside, unable to move. The trap is mobile enough to be carried to a relocation area. To release the snake, vegetable oil is poured into the trap. The oil will de-stick the glue and the snake will be able to free itself. Many experts recommend the use of live traps for all types of snakes. Despite the fear factor involved with the serpents, snakes are very helpful in the war against other nuisance animals like rodents. A snake in your yard will only startle you; a rat in your house will rip apart the insulation and destroy electric wires. Be kind to the snakes. These animals do a lot more for homeowners than the average person realizes.

How to trap a snake - There are many different models of snake traps available. Most are lethal body gripping traps. You can kill the snakes in your yard; however, snakes are far more beneficial than you might realize. A snake around your home will keep a good eye on insects and rodents. It is much worse to have a rat sneak into your home than to have a snake in your yard. The snake will cause no property damage, and if it is nonvenomous, you do not have to worry about children and pets. One of the most effective traps on the market is the glue trap. This works for snakes of many species and sizes. The glue pad is covered by a plastic box. Scent lures will draw the snake inside through a specially designed opening. To get out, the snake must enter fully and turn around. Once the reptile is inside, the glue holds it firmly in place. Glue traps can be fairly hands-free. You can release the snake by spraying cooking oil on the glue pad. It may take a few minutes, but the snake will eventually slither free. This is a good way to relocate a problem snake without having to kill it.

Where to buy snake traps - It is not hard to locate a dealer of snake traps, regardless of whether you live in Easley, SC or Binghamton, NY. In fact, one of the best snake traps is available to residence of in both those locations through an online directory. You can usually find local hardware store with snake traps, but the online site provide the latest and greatest when it comes to glue traps. The nice thing about the snake trap glue box is that it does not kill the snake. People forget how beneficial snakes are to our environment. Instead, homeowners only see the squirmy, unappealing side to serpents. Glue traps draw the snake inside through the use of rodent oil lures. Once in the box, the serpent is unable to turn back toward the exit without becoming completely stuck on the glue pad. To release the snake, all you need to do is spray the animal and the glue with cooking oil. The glue will be neutralized, and the snake will be able to wiggle free after a few minutes.

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