What Will Attract An Opossum?

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When you are dealing with a potential pest animal problem, one of the best ways to deal with a problem is to take preventative action, and understanding what will attract opossums and other pest animals can help you to take that preventative action. One of the biggest things that many people who haven't dealt with opossums will underestimate is just how much of a problem they can be, and the kind of damage they can cause. Despite the fact that they aren't the cleverest of creatures, the opossum has thrived in urban areas because of the range of food that it can scavenge, while it has also adapted its natural locations for a den to suit the habitat available.

The Features Around Domestic Properties That Attracts Opossums

Opossums are generally opportunistic when it comes to choosing their den, and they will not do much digging in creating their own place to sleep, rather they are likely to adopt an abandoned burrow or use areas under porches or decking as a good spot for their den. The presence of good food and water sources are also important when an opossum chooses its home area, and while these are present the opossum will often continue returning to those food and water sources. Pets and other domestic animals will often not prove to be a deterrent to the opossum, but the presence of their food in outside areas will often have the opposite effect, drawing opossums to the area.

From Where Will Opossums Scavenge Their Food?

Like many of the animal species that have thrived in urban areas, opossums have quite an adaptable digestive system, meaning they can scavenge many different food sources, from garbage and other waste through to pet food and other animal stores they can open. They have a fair amount of dexterity in their claws so they can open simple containers, while they can easily cut through garbage sacks to get at food inside. In the wild, they will also eat fruit and grains, while they will also take advantage of any carrion that they discover, and will also hunt smaller animals like mice.

How To Keep Opossums Away

One of the key steps that can help to prevent opossum problems around your property is to remove the food sources that the animals will use, and this means making sure pet food is in sealed containers, and that garbage is kept in cans until collection day. Making sure that your fence is in good condition so that it doesn’t allow opossums through is another good way to keep the animals away, while some people have also had success in installing an electric fence to prevent opossums from getting into a yard or garden. Fallen fruit is another good source of food for an opossum, so making sure any such food is promptly removed can also help people to keep opossums away from their home.

Trapping And Removing An Opossum

If you do have repeated problems with an opossum, the best method of dealing with the problem is actually to catch and remove the offending opossum, and once caught it should be relocated at least ten miles away from the area where it was being problematic. In terms of catching an opossum, most people will use a cage trap similar in size to those used to catch feral cats and other animals of a similar size. These should be located in the area where the opossum has been feeding, and in terms of bait it should be placed inside the trap, with smelly food such as fish, meat or pet food being the most successful when it comes to catching an opossum.

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