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How to Get Raccoons Out of a Dumpster

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It isn't unusual to come across animals that have managed to get themselves stuck in large dumpsters. Raccoons are one of the worst culprits for this trash-related crime, but they aren't the only ones. Various critters will dive right into dumpsters and other garbage areas to rummage for food, and some of them are then unable to get back out. There might be plenty of food in there, but that won't help the creature out for long. Females will panic if they are unable to get back to their youngsters. Oath males and females will become more and more aggressive as they get scared, causing what could be a potentially lethal situation should a person come along and try to help the animal out.

Did you know that raccoons were one of the biggest known rabies vectors in the USA?

It takes just ONE bite.

(And, sometimes, not even that!)

If you find a raccoon (or other wild animal) stuck in a dumpster, do not try and approach the animal. It won't appreciate the gesture. It certainly won't understand that you are trying to help it out. It will think that you are a predator and act accordingly; usually with aggression and some force.

Putting something in the dumpster that will enable the animal to get out of its own accord is a smart idea. This could be a piece of wood or some fabric; anything that has enough of a textured surface to enable the animal to dig its claws in and scamper off to safety.

You shouldn't get too close to any wild animal that you come across, stuck in a dumpster or otherwise. The Full Guide to Keeping Raccoons Out of Garbage Cans. In most cases, the animal will be able to free itself of its prison with just some minor intervention. Go back to the Raccoon Removal page, or learn tips to do it yourself with my How to Get Rid of Raccoons guide.

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