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Can I Get Help from City or County Animal Services for Raccoons?

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Many homeowners call upon city or county animal services for a problematic pest animal, such as a raccoon control problem, but in almost all cases, these people are going to be unable to help you. In fact, there are usually two situations that will come as a result of your cries for help.

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A) Local city or county services will agree to help you, but will usually not perform an extensive, effective job. The removal of raccoons is a specialist field, requiring a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the animal. This is something that many workers for city and county services will not have and, in turn, means that the job will not be completed sufficiently. In some cases, the extent of the help that you will receive will be a spare trap and some advice on the law. You should listen to this advice; going against it could see you faced with a hefty fine and potentially even jail time.

B) They will say no and give you the phone numbers for local wildlife control companies that will be able to help.

The reason for these two outcomes? Local city and county services are more tailored for dealing with stray, lost, or feral domesticated animals — cats and dogs. They are the perfect people to call when you find a seemingly lost dog in your back yard, but not a raccoon.

If local city and county animal services were to turn up every time they had a call for a rogue raccoon or a problematic opossum, they simply wouldn't have the time to do anything else — the jobs they are meant to do. Raccoons & Homeowners Insurance: Am I Covered? Go back to the Raccoon Removal page, or learn tips to do it yourself with my How to Get Rid of Raccoons guide.

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