Raccoon Removal: DIY vs Professional Wildlife Companies

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It is a very common misconception that wild animal removal services are pricey. In many cases, it actually works out a lot CHEAPER to put your trust in the professionals rather than relying on DIY methods that you learned about on the internet. Using a rehabilitator/pest control operative usually works out a lot faster than the majority of other removal and prevention process too.

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Here's why:

An expert in the field of pest control, specifically, nuisance wildlife, is exactly that — an expert. He or she will be trained in that field; many experts in the "biz" with a number (decades or more) of removal experience behind them. Experience beats research in almost all cases and even more so when you are dealing with super unpredictable critters, such as a rogue raccoon. These animals are driven by something that's altogether more troublesome than just food, water, or shelter ... They're just getting plain curious. When curiosity leads the critter, they just don't behave in ways that are expected of them.

Professional Wildlife Companies that have been in the industry for any length of time are going to have a greater understanding of where raccoons hide and, more importantly, how they got into the building in the first place, than the average property owner. This is a factor that many commercial and residential property owners do not take into account when they are trying to remove the wild critter — removal itself is just a small part of the job; a tiny percentage, in fact. If they can get back in, they will. If they can't and there's something worth getting in for, they'll just keep working at that spot until they CAN get in.

After removal comes sealing and repairing. In many cases, the expert will find many more holes, cracks, crevices, and patches or potential patches of damage than you will. Unless you're an expert too, of course! Raccoons & Homeowners Insurance: Am I Covered?

Alongside experience and knowledge of the animal (in this case, a raccoon), experts will also come with the right credentials, providing you pick yourself a reliable, reputable, and decent company. In some states, raccoon trapping, transporting, killing, and even the releasing of, comes subject to many laws. Trappers of raccoons may require a permit. Only certain traps are allowed in certain areas, and they will come with heavy restrictions and guidelines to follow too. Other states dictate that the animal can't be released back into the wild if it is a well-known rabies vector (which a raccoon is) and there are also certain states with very strict regulations, making it even difficult for the experts to get it right. With hefty fines and, in severe cases, prison time, DIY raccoon removal might not even be an option for you. If you ARE going down the DIY route, make sure that you have educated yourself. A fine will be so much more expensive than paying a pro to do the job on your behalf ... lawfully.

In most cases, using a professional for raccoon removal is going to cost you somewhere in the region of $50 upwards. A very straightforward job with a raccoon problem that is diagnosed early enough and very little damage to take care of and repair, and only the one raccoon too, might only set you back $100-$200. By the time you have paid out for one or more traps ($30-$75 each), bait ($10-$20), an ultrasonic noise repellent ($20-100), and a few sleepless nights as the critter wreaks havoc, alongside and other raccoon deterrents (or so-called) and, even then, still not quite managed to get the job done, you'll have wished you called in the pros to start with.

Raccoons are stubborn, headstrong, determined, intelligent, full of personality, and perhaps one of the most unpredictable creature you will ever have the fortune 9pm misfortune) to come across. You're going to need to know how to do this job just as well as the experts, if not more, to get it done.

Good luck! Don't forget to let us know how the raccoon removal job went for you. Go back to the Raccoon Removal page, or learn tips to do it yourself with my How to Get Rid of Raccoons guide.

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