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What if a skunk got inside my house?

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While it is not impossible to find a skunk inside your bathroom, kitchen, living room etc., it is a rarity because the shy critter will not deliberately enter into human territory. Any skunk found inside of your house is likely to have missed its way and wandered in. You can also be sure that it is in a hurry to get out of there, maybe even more than you are, to get it out.

Such a skunk must be handled with care though. If it feels threatened or cornered, it could release a highly irritating sulphurous fluid at anyone in sight. This spray can reach as high as 10 feet from where it is released and it causes temporary blindness if it comes in contact with human or pet eyes. It also leaves a burning sensation when it comes in contact with your bare skin. And the resultant stink is almost unimaginable. So, tread with caution!

On no account should you attack the skunk once you sight it. Do not be afraid and do not threaten it. Just leave it alone, exit the room and decide what you want to do with it.

If you can be patient enough, simply open the door or window of the room wide and block every other exit from this room except the one that leads outside. Watch from afar and allow it to walk out by itself. This may of course, take a while but it is worth a try because it is safe and easy to execute.

The next best thing to do is call in a wildlife control professional to come and remove the skunk. They are trained and experienced in wildlife removal and will know what to do to so the critter is not hurt, and so your house is preserved.

Get a snare pole, sneak up on the skunk, and catch it in the snare. Carry it out quickly and you may just escape getting sprayed.

Some people opt to shoot the skunk at close range. While the animal may die instantly and in a humane way, you would then have to deal with the bloody carcass. This is not advisable as every skunk is a potential rabies carrier; it is a health risk. Besides, skunks almost always spray when they are killed.

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