How to Get a Skunk Out of a Window Well

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If a skunk falls down a window well, you have four options:

  • 1 - Put a wooden board down the window well, and let it climb out.
  • 2 - Remove the skunk using a snare pole.
  • 3 - Shoot the animal, and remove it. (show to kill a skunk)
  • 4 - Leave it there to starve to death and spray and stink.

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A skunk in a window well can leave droppings behind. To identify them, see pictures of skunk poop. For more information on skunks down a window well, go to my skunk removal information page.

Ways to Remove Skunks from Window Wells

Seeing skunks inside of a window well is not uncommon as it happens often. A skunk gets inside the window well and gets stuck in it because it is unable to climb out by itself. In most cases, the trapped skunk gets frantic as it moves around trying to escape. It is likely to be aggressive also due to the frustration of not being able to get out of the place.

This situation constitutes a big concern for the homeowner, justifiably. The critter needs to be removed from in there urgently lest it begins to spray at its surroundings out of frustration. The pungent smell of its secretion would be around for a long time if this happens. In its agitated state, the captive skunk may make hissing sounds like that of a cat.

Here are some ways to remove the skunk from your window well:

Wooden Plank
A frequently practiced way to get a stuck skunk out of the window well is to help it to climb out of the window well by itself. Get a wooden plank and place it inside the window well in question. Just leave it there and go; then the skunk can climb out on its own when it is alone. Skunks are shy animals, and the trapped skunk will not climb out when a human is present. It would grip the wooden plank with its sharp claws to climb out of the well. Thereafter, remove the plank from the window well.

Snare Pole
Another means to achieve this is by using a snare pole to take the skunk out. This may not be an easy feat because the skunk is likely to shy and hide away from the pole, making it difficult for you to carry it out of the window well with it. It is worth a try and if you are lucky to get the skunk into your snare pole, it can then be removed.

Other inhumane methods

It is inhumane to shoot a skunk to death because it got stuck in the window well; and quite unnecessary as it poses no additional threat for being there. Some people would also leave the skunk to die of thirst and hunger inside the well. These methods are not only inhumane, they also do not bode well for the occupants of the home because of the stink that results from killing a skunk.

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