Squirrels & Electrical Wires - The 3 Things You MUST Know

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There are a number of problems that come hand in hand with nuisance wildlife, and squirrels are definitely no exception to this rule. In fact, they’re one of the worst for causing damage, but the cure and fluffy exterior helps them get away with it just a little too frequently.

Sadly, our human "awww" approach to squirrels has resulted in the little critters venturing more and more into our territories, with businesses and residential buildings hit similarly.

Squirrels tend to spend a lot of their time up high — usually in trees. That’s why you see them in the trees of your back yard a lot, when they’re not hanging around the bird feeder and trying to get to the tasty treats in there. That means they will spend more time in the upper levels of your property, such as the attic, rather than down on the ground. Of course, this works against you; it will be much more difficult for you to find them and then remove them when they are up there.

When you think about all the things you have in your attic, you can understand why squirrels in the attic is such a bad situation. The one big concern that is frequently forgotten by home and property owners, is the abundance of electrical cables and wires, usually trailing and hanging in a way that just wouldn’t be acceptable in other areas of the building.

Important Point 1: Chewed Cables = Faulty Electronics

Have you ever wondered why your lights flicker sometimes, randomly, and for seemingly no reason? Well, there might be a very good reason behind all the weird activity .... squirrels.

Squirrels aren’t the only culprit known for this nuisance wildlife crime, of course, but they are one of the biggest repeat offenders. It takes just one chewed wire or cable for the entire electric system in a building to then become faulty and not work as it should.

Have you ever called out an electrician? House about an emergency electrician? They’re expensive. More expensive than wildlife control exterminators or wildlife removal professionals, that’s all we’re saying ].

Important Point 2: Exposed Wires = Fire Hazard

Are you aware just how much flammable stuff you have up in your attic? In fact, let’s widen the hazard list — paper documents, wood, old photographs, soft furnishings no longer suitable for your current decor, old decorating supplies ... It doesn’t even need to be flammable for a fire to quickly take hold and that’s exactly what will happen if you leave exposed wires hanging around in the attic, or anywhere else in any kind of property for that matter.

Attic insulation will go up in a fast-spreading blaze once there’s a spark, and it really won’t take long before the fire reaches the other parts of your home — the ones that your family are potentially asleep in.

Important Point 3: Squirrels & Electrical's ... Not Just in the Attic

This is a point more prominent for smaller rodents, such as mice and rats, but still must be considered when squirrels are hanging around too. If you have them in the garage, or any other place where vehicles are stored, you run the risk of the animals chewing through vital wires and other components of that vehicle. This, in turn, will obviously lead to a much bigger danger — a car or vehicle accident involving you or your family members.

Final Note

Chewing is a very big concern with all manner of wild and nuisance wildlife. Do not be fooled into thinking that squirrels, rats and mice are your only culprits. The damage is likely to be minor and only cosmetic with small, quickly-caught animal infestations, but fully-established, long-term animal colonies can have a devastating effect on human buildings, both homes and businesses the same.

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