Best Way to Get Squirrels out of the Wall

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You do have a few options when up against a squirrel in the wall, but if you are asking for the “best way," this is what we recommend:

Step one: Figure out where the animal is.

Tougher than it looks, your nose will be your best ally here. All wild animals, both dead and alive, have a distinct smell about them. You can use your nose to figure out where the smell seems to be the strongest, which indicates that you are getting closer to the animal. If you can pinpoint one room, at least, where you believe the animal might be hiding, you’ll have a much better time of working out your next steps.

Step two: Attic investigation.

You will need to head into your attic first, and take a flashlight with you. In some cases, you’ll be lucky enough to look down from the attic, into the wall cavities, and see your new squirrel friend just hiding away there. When this is the case, a snare pole can help to get not only one squirrel out, but also a family of squirrels.

Step three: Wall investigation.

If you can’t get to the squirrel(s) through the attic, you may need to consider the idea that you’ll need to actually cut a section from the wall … This, in turn, means that you will require all the tools necessary to remove a section from the wall, as well as the repair materials too. That's on top of the safety equipment you will also need for safe wild animal handling, traps, clean-up equipment and products, etc.

Using your nose, try to figure out where the strongest smell is coming from. It’s then time to use your ears — can you hear the squirrel(s)? They're not exactly quiet animals. The young squirrels are known to whimper and chatter, they’re chewing and gnawing animals by nature, and they’re going to make a certain amount of noise as they move around in the depths of the building too - scuffling, rustling, and shuffling sounds, perhaps?

When you have a good idea where you think the squirrel might be hiding, it’s then time to start cutting, but you’ll need to be very careful when you do this. One wrong movement and you could tear into one of the squirrels or her babies, and it really is likely to be more than one squirrel too. What happens if you get the position wrong also? You will then need to cut multiple holes out of your wall to find and then retrieve the animal.

We suggest step four.

Step four: Wildlife removal specialists.

We’re meant to tell you to hire these guys, because we ARE these guys! However, we also have experience and a plethora of knowledge on our side. This is something you’re probably not going to randomly have. Who really knows *that* much about squirrels anyway?

Not only will we know where those critters are likely to be hiding, we will also have a good of how to get rid of them whilst making the least mess possible. We have tools that we can use t make life easier, and we already know that using deterrents and repellents just doesn’t work with stubborn squirrels.

Once we have removed the animal, we can then perform the clean-up mission, getting rid of feces and urine that are known to carry disease, as well as nesting and bedding substances. We can also try to repair the damage that squirrels have caused. Any good wildlife removal specialist will have the right insurances, permits, and licenses for the job — just like we do!

Usually, squirrel removal jobs are much cheaper than the homeowner anticipates. Why not get in touch for a free quote to find out how cheap your squirrel removal job could be today?

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