Stray Dog Repellent

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Stray Dogs are undesirable for many reasons. If not in the care of a responsible owner, dogs can revert to more wild and dangerous behavior at worst, or just noisy and dirty. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Dangerous stray dogs
  • Barking problems
  • Raiding trash or destroying property
  • Spreading fleas or threatening pets
For these reasons, many people wish to have nuisance stray dog trapped and removed.

Need professional help? You need to call your local city or county animal services. This website features a listing of nuisance wildlife trapping businesses, and they can not help you with a dog problem.

Stray Dog Repellants
So, you’ve finally caught the stray dog in action that you’ve been trying to catch for weeks knocking over your trash, digging through your yard and wrecking your beautiful garden. It’s time to do something about it so that you can get your yard and garden back in good shape. You’ve heard about different repellants that you can use to keep these stray dogs away but do they really work?

Eliminate Food Sources
Stray dogs are always on the search for food. If they’re giving your yard a lot of attention, more than likely it means that they’re always able to find something edible there. Evaluate your yard. Do you use outside trash cans that come with a lid that is easily knocked off by stray dogs? Does it smell like a walking kitchen? Do you have a small rodent problem or pet animals that you feed outside? If you answered yes to any of these, then you just found out why the stray dog keeps coming back. Spray pepper spray in your trash cans and invest in lids that are animal proof. Avoid feeding your pets outside unless you will be monitoring the food and if you have a rodent problem, treat it immediately. All of these things can reduce the chances of a stray dog being able to cause too much havoc in your yard.

Hose Them Down
This sounds simple and it is, but it doesn’t last very long. If you see stray dogs on your property, spraying them with the water hose has always been effective in repelling them and sending them on their way. The problem is, they’ll probably come back and it will probably be at night when you’re in the bed sleeping. This is one of those repellants that literally only works for the moment. While it may not cost you any money at all, it’s time consuming and doesn’t fix the problem.

Smell and Taste Repellants
Some repellants to keep stray dogs out can be made right from the comfort of your home. For instance, Cheyenne pepper, ammonia soaked cotton balls, sliced citrus fruits and coffee filters soaked in vinegar are all used to deter strays. They are to be placed in areas where stray dogs might find something to get into. Supposedly, the smell and the taste of these deterrents turn stray dogs off sending them looking for their meals in other areas. All of these deterrents can be effective for a while, but it takes constant reapplication which could leave your pockets struggling. Not to mention some deterrents such as ammonia are bad for plants and soil.

Fence Them Out
If the stray dog is wrecking your yard while you’re asleep, then a water hose may not be an effective repellant at all. A fence might work though. Fences can keep dogs out of your yard 24 hours a day without you needing to monitor your yard. However, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. Fences have to consistently be maintained and they don’t run cheap. Not to mention, if you can’t do it yourself, labor is going to be expensive as well. Even if money is not an issue for you, when it comes to anesthetic and practical reasons, they’re not always the best option for repelling dogs.

Electric Barriers
Sometimes a regular fence is just not enough to keep a persistent dog out. Some dogs will tear your fence up to where you have to repair it over and over again. This can cost you to spend too much money on a short term solution. You can actually buy a kit that you can use with your existing fence to keep from spending too much money. If the dog has any contact with the fence, he’ll very quickly learn not to bother with it again. However, keep in mind that these electrical barriers can also affect others including your pets, children and other animals as well. This is not an ideal solution to get rid of stray dogs.

Motion Activated Water Sensor
Motion activated water sensors can act as a repellant against stray dogs because once it detects the stray getting too close to a specific area, it shoots a quick spray of water their way. Because it happens so quickly, it may frighten the stray and cause it to run off. Of course, no repellant keeps the dogs away for good. Eventually he will get used to getting sprayed with the water and run right through it.

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