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How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels are usually classified as a pest species because they love to live in buildings, they are nocturnal, and they live in colonies of several animals. The most common complaints include the following:
  • Scurrying in attic or walls at night
  • Odor from large colony in house
  • Chewing on wood outside home
  • Chewing on wires in attic
For these reasons, many people wish to have nuisance Flying Squirrel trapped and removed.

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How To Get Flying Squirrels Out Of The Eaves or Ceiling
Flying squirrels are some of the greatest spectacles that you can see in nature. To see them gliding from tree to tree is one of the most impressive and underrated shows. You will have a hard time meeting someone who does not become enamored of the sight; even people who would otherwise seem to have a heart of stone will smile while looking at these animals. The awe and admiration of the flying squirrel however ends when one of them makes its way inside your residence. The ceiling is one of the most common places that a flying squirrel may see as a home. It is dry, it has low human traffic and it protects from the cold. An attic also provides a great place to hide for a squirrel. The eaves of a house unfortunately is also probably the most difficult place to get the flying squirrel because of its size, speed and the fact that it has several places to hide. Chances are that you will hear the flying squirrel, but it will go into hiding the moment it hears you coming. So the best way to get a flying squirrel out of your attic is a humane trap. These traps will not only catch the squirrel quickly, they will also do it humanely. You will then search for any areas it entered through and seal these off.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels In Your House
Just like a regular squirrel, a flying squirrel is very fast and if you have no idea how to get them out they will give you one of the biggest wildlife challenges that you will ever come across. Because there are different locations in your residence that a flying squirrel can get to, there are also different techniques that you should use to get them out. Some of the things that you can do in the living room will not work in the attic, so here are some of the best techniques that you can use. If the squirrel has gone into the house (not in the attic) then the technique is a lot simpler. If you open a door, in addition to windows and remove their screens, chances are that the flying squirrel will leave right away. They do not like to be in the same house as humans, so if they see a chance to escape they will take it. If the squirrel goes into hiding in a corner instead of escaping then you should get a thick blanket, and throw it on top of the squirrel. Once the blanket is on top of the squirrel, pick it up and take it outside. It is also a great idea to wear gloves in addition to using the blanket. Do not pick up a squirrel with your bare hands because they can carry disease, so even if they don’t bite, you can end up with a problem.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels In An Apartment
An apartment gives you a smaller space to work with if you are trying to catch a squirrel. You should try the same technique as you would in a house. Open the door or a window to encourage the squirrel to leave when it sees freedom so close. This will work almost every time and if it does not you should try the trapping technique, but be especially careful in an apartment, because generally your space is smaller. The squirrel will have nowhere to go and depending on where your door is you may have to plan to carry the squirrel outside and fast. Having the door opened before you catch the squirrel is a good idea. Live traps are the best method but you can use towels and gloves to capture the animal as well.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels In A Building
Getting a squirrel out of a building can be a bit tricky because in most cases it can be difficult to find the squirrel. You should look for signs that a squirrel may have left in order to find out where it is hiding. Sometimes you will find droppings or signs of food or entry. There are a lot of places where a squirrel can hide so be thorough. Look in places that are warmer than others in the winter and places where there may be access to the outside of the building. This is a situation that is best for live traps. You do not have to worry about the squirrel going into hiding because the trap works when you are not there. You use bait that squirrels like such as unsalted nuts or peanut butter. With some luck you will trap the squirrel within a few hours. You should let a day pass by before you check the trap, because if you keep coming back to check on it a squirrel may decide to stay into hiding even if the bait is there. Follow this advice and you will be able to trap a flying squirrel quickly.

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