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Groundhog Under My Shed or Deck

If you want the simple, short-term solution, you trap and remove the animal. However, you're probably going to have another animal problem in the future. All sorts of critters, including woodchucks, love to make a burrow or home under your shed, deck, home, etc. You really need to install an exclusion barrier, a steel mesh fence, that goes all the way around the perimeter of the shed or deck. It needs to go at least 18 inches underground, with the bottom curving outward, to stop diggers like groundhogs from just digging underneath. If you install such a fence right away, while the animal is still living under there, you can leave one little spot open as a prime place to set a trap or even a one-way exclusion door that lets it go out for the last time, but not back in.

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How To Get Groundhogs Out From Under A Shed Or Porch - Groundhogs are rodents that are almost anonymous with some American holidays, but even though they are often seen as cute, if they find their way into a domestic area then they can be a big problem. Groundhogs are burrowing animals that will spend most of their time underground, but when they do burrow underneath a shed or porch then it can cause big problems for that structure. They will burrow an extensive network of tunnels under the shed or porch, and in some cases this can cause the ground to give way under the structure.

Avoid The Instinct To Try And Dig Out Or Seal The Burrow

For many people their first instinct will be to try and damage the burrow by digging into it or even sealing all the exits, but neither option is an effective way to solve the problem. Groundhogs are very defensive about their burrows, and trying to dig into the burrow is likely to aggravate the groundhog to attack, and they do have large front teeth that can deliver a nasty bite. Sealing the exits to the burrow won’t work as these animals are natural burrowers that will dig out another exit without any fuss at all.

The other challenge in trying to get a groundhog out from under the shed or porch is trying to do it without damaging the structure itself, and there are a number of more effective solutions available in this instance.

Lethal And Non-lethal Groundhog Solutions

Many people will want to use live traps to catch the groundhogs, but there are a number of problems that can be caused by such an option. Some states will have regulations about relocating a pest animal such as a groundhog, and this can make it difficult to trap a groundhog alive, because it is difficult to know what to do with it. Lethal trapping can also have legal ramifications, and it also gives people the unpleasant duty of having to deal with the carcass.

In order to trap a groundhog alive, most people will use a single catch trap that will snap shut the wall of the cage behind the groundhog, keeping it there until it can be checked and dealt with. The best bait for groundhogs is cantaloupe, which should be cut into chunks with some left outside the trap to invite the groundhog in. The trap should be placed very close to the exit of the burrow. Others will also have success in using sweet corn, strawberries and even vanilla extract as a bait to catch a groundhog.

In terms of lethal solutions to deal with a groundhog, people can choose a leg trap or a body trap, but many people in rural areas will actually shoot the groundhog. For those who choose to trap the animal, placing it directly outside the main exit to the burrow is vital, because this is where it is most likely to be successful. It can be baited with the same bait as the live trap.

Repairing The Damage And Preventing Future Groundhog Issues

One of the biggest issues for people once they have removed the groundhog is how to repair the damage. If the groundhog has been under the shed or porch for some time then it could have moved up to 700 pounds of dirt underneath the structure. It will be hard for a layman to judge whether or not the shed or porch has been undermined, so checking with a professional may be a worthwhile expense.

Keeping the groundhogs out of your garden can be the best way to avoid the problem from occurring again, and an exclusion fence embedded into the ground, or an electric fence can be an effective way to keep the groundhogs out.

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