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Do Pigeon Repellents Work?

Pigeons are usually classified as a pest species because they are filthy gutter birds that inhabit cities, roost everywhere, and crap all over everything. The most common repellents include the following:
  • Fake Plastic Owls
  • Flashing Mylar Owls
  • Flashy Spinning Tops
  • Fluttering Tinsel Strands
Pigeons don't care about these repellents. Go ahead and try them for yourself. The birds need a place to roost and nest, and they aren't at all discouraged by these festive decorations.

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Birds can sometimes be an irritation if they frequent your porch and leave their nasty bird poo in there. Pigeons in particular can always be seen roosted anywhere from your roof, to your chimneys and even in ledges in condominium units or apartments in most urban areas. Tendencies of them making it inside to take a peek on any inviting food source would not a good sign because this might be a start of more frequent visits and more company flying in your unit or house.

Before engaging in any complex pigeon repellent method, you should first try to observe to know which attracts them in your property. Being aware of the things that bring them in your area would definitely help you in trying to take them away or to eliminate them giving no reasons for these pigeons to constantly keep coming back to your place.

But if it does not work, you can always try to look into a more effective method of getting rid of these birds. Some people would recommend scaring them away by using some devices that would make these pigeons feel too uncomfortable to still continue to stay in your place. Perhaps the most widely used is the plastic owl which was thought by many people as an effective tool of shooing them away but unfortunately pigeons are much more wiser not to know the difference between the live one and the one that you are hanging in your house even in the middle of the day. Read more about Do plastic owls scare pigeons. Some thought that they can scare off the pigeons by the use of objects that are usually hung and reflects light. But the truth of the matter is neither method is effective in eradicating your pigeon problem according to the experts.

One thing that might work though is trying to scare them with a flock or starlings or perhaps a single woodpecker that would emphasize the ownership of the territory as belonging to that specie and an unwelcome trespasser is not welcome. But if you can’t do with the real thing try to create an environment with their replicas and sounds that might scare away other birds. But you must remember to try to imitate their real behavior and not leave them stationary for a long time that might lead to another failed attempt because pigeons have already deciphered and gotten accustomed to the sight and sounds.

If this won’t work, you can try to enhance your own homes perhaps by doing some roost modification techniques. These methods would try to lure them away by not giving them a space or an area to land. One of the most recommended is the use of pigeon control spikes. You can use them in strategic areas where you normally see these pigeons land and stay. With the use of these almost invisible spikes, they might learn their lesson the hard way but of course without killing them.

If you have pigeons roosting inside a building, you'll want to get them out and do building repairs to close up the openings that they use to enter the building. This is crucial in cases of pigeons in the attic, because if you don't seal the holes, new birds will continue to enter.

One more thing that you might be able to do is to cover the area with nylon nets so as not to allow them the space that they need for landing. This is most recommended for wide open areas such as garages and courtyards. But other than this, you can also try to change the angle of elevation of some of the areas that these pigeons frequent. You can create an almost slanting angle of 45 degrees in ledges so that they cannot surely establish a strong foothold especially in slopes where they are easily pulled down by gravity. Doing it this way would surely show them how futile it is to try and land on your property. Not giving them a chance to roost is better than trying to scare them away. As most people say it would be better to take on the prevention method than to wait for the problem and do the treatment.

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