Problems Caused by Nuisance Wildlife

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Wild animals are amazing, don’t you think? As much as some of them can be a pain, carrying disease and making a noise, the wild animals that live in the great outdoors all have their place in the eco-system, and they are all a marvel to watch. That’s until you find them inside your home, of course. That’s when things get really serious - those disease-ridden mice and rats are cute in the tank of that pet store, but when they’re stealing chunks of food from your kitchen counters and cupboards, and running riots around the depths of your home, things take a much more sinister turn.

The problems caused by nuisance wildlife are plentiful. This is a list that may go on for some time. But these are a few of the things that you will encounter if you find yourself with a wild animal invasion on your hands:

1 - They’ll stink!
That’s right, there will be a weird smell coming from somewhere inside your house and you won’t quite be able to work out where it is coming from. It could be the smell of raccoon poop getting heated up in your attic, you know? Doesn’t your attic get really warm in the summer? Well, that makes it the perfect hiding spot for a number of nuisance wildlife, including squirrels, bats, raccoons, opossums, and more.

Not just leaving their poop around all over the place, they’ll pee everywhere too, and that’s just really unhygienic. Once again, just like the poop, the wildlife wee will stink!

Opossums aren’t a creature you’ll want in your home if you don’t like bad smells too. These little devils are a sucker for crawling right into the crevices of your internal walls, curling up into a ball and then dying. As the body decomposes, it will not only start to fill your home with the smell of death, but it will attract more opossums, as they are scavengers and will happily eat a rotten carcass. The carcass may also attract rats and flies too.

2 - They carry disease!
A lot of wildlife carries disease and unfortunately, that’s just part of what makes the world go around. Most mammals can transmit the rabies virus, so that’s most of your general household pests sorted - raccoons, bats, opossums, squirrels, etc.

Not just the rabies, virus though, some of the nuisance wildlife will even spread disease from its feces. Take the humble bat as just one example - histoplasmosis is the condition linked to the fungus spores in the bat’s poop, and this can be fatal to those with a weakened immune system, and also young kids too.

Leptospirosis can be transmitted in the feces of other nuisance wildlife too, including opossums and raccoons. And that’s before you even get into the realms of what nasties rats and mice can bring to the table.

3 - They’ll chew EVERYTHING!
Squirrels, mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, bats - these are all creatures with one very important detail in common. They all have super-sharp teeth. They will all chew through whatever happens to get in their way, whether thats the external paneling of your poor home, the broken soffit or fascia, the vent cover, the electrical wiring in your attic, the matter inside your walls….

Electrical wiring alone is a massive problem, posing a very serious fire risk, and when you start to piece things together, you’ll soon understand why this problem will also prove to be a very expensive one. Repairing the damage that nuisance wildlife can cause is a long, extensive, and often costly process… One probably best left to the professionals!

4 - They’ll make a mess!
Raccoons love to rummage around in your garbage, and they’ll leave a right mess on your lawn for you to clean up in the morning. Plus, all that garbage they leaving around the place all night? Well, that will attract other pests again, like rats and mice.

Not just that, raccoons love to eat what people eat, so they’ll tear right through that screen door to get to your kitchen, and if you’re silly enough to leave pet food outside on the porch for your family cat or dog, the raccoons will eat that too. Plus, most nuisance wildlife will rile your family pets right up, and can even transmit diseases to them too.

5 - They’ll make a noise!
If you’ve ever had a colony of bats in your attic, you’ll appreciate how much noise these delicate critters can make. In fact, all nuisance wildlife creates a right din sometimes, from knocking over your garbage can, to making your dog bark through the night, scurrying around your walls when you’re trying to sleep, or flapping and scratching about as they wander in and out of your home.

In short, there are MANY problems caused by nuisance wildlife, and if you don’t make sure that you pest-proof your home, you’re going to be experiencing all of them! You could just do the sensible thing, of course, and let a professional give your home a once-over. That’s what they are there for, after all!

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