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How much does it cost to get squirrels out of an attic or house? Generally, the price should range from $250 - $800. Why does the cost vary by so much? Because each house or building is different! A home that is in good shape, with only one or two entry points can be an easy job. It can be accomplished in as few as two service visits. But some jobs require extensive repairs to the home to keep squirrels out. Often there is a mother squirrel and 3-5 juvenile squirrels. Sometimes the job requires several service visits to remove and relocate animals, reset traps, etc. Maybe you need attic cleaning. To learn more about why the job can vary in price so much, visit the How to get squirrels out of the attic page. The price for squirrel removal may seem high, but it is necessary when you consider the risks of squirrels living in your attic - chewing electrical wires, wood, contaminating with their squirrel poop, and more.

Although they are not as common a problem as rats are in domestic properties, squirrels are another species of rodent that are actually quite adaptable, and when they are living in urban areas they can actually be quite a nuisance. Many people wonder, what is the cost for getting rid of squirrels in the attic? Because they are such prodigious climbers, and aren't large creatures, they can squeeze through tiny holes into attic cavities. Once they are there they will often build a nest, and if you do discover the problem during the spring or early summer, there is a possibility there will be a nest of baby squirrels to remove too. Read about 5 Signs You Have Squirrels in the Attic and When will homeowners insurance not pay for squirrel damage?

How To Deal With The Squirrels?

If you are confident that there is no nest of baby squirrels in the attic, one effective way is to use eviction funnels and install these over the holes that the squirrels are using to get in and out. These allow the squirrels out but actually prevent them from being able to get back in. However, make sure there is no nest of baby squirrels, otherwise they will die and decay in the attic which can cause other problems that you might have to deal with. Read more about how to find and remove dead squirrels.

Catching Squirrels

Another alternative to eviction is to catch the squirrels, and while lethal traps can be used, it is often better to catch the squirrels in a cage trap and then relocate them well away from your home so they don't cause any more problems. Some professionals will actually use baby squirrels as a bait to draw a female into a cage trap, but for most people it is easier to catch the female first, and then examine the attic to see if there are any babies to be removed at the same time. The number of squirrels is a factor in the price of squirrel removal from the attic, but it is a very important part of how to get rid of squirrels.

Sealing Entry And Exit Holes

One of the most important steps of all once you have caught and removed the squirrels is to stop more from getting in, so carry out a thorough examination of the attic, both indoors and around the exterior roof line, and then seal all the holes they were using to get in and out. When you wonder what is the squirrel in attic removal price, this is a big factor. Read the article Best Way to Get Squirrels out of the Wall .

Cleaning And Decontamination Of The Attic

You will often have a fair amount of feces to clean from the area, while it is also worth considering replacing any soiled or damaged insulation. This is something that can affect the cost of removing squirrels in the attic. Make sure you check any wires in the attic to see if they have been gnawed by the squirrels, and if necessary replace these too. Once all repairs are completed, fumigate the attic with an antibacterial treatment to kill off any remaining spores or parasites.

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