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How Much Does Pigeon Removal Cost?

Pigeon control is not cheap. This is because, unlike other animals, you can't really just trap and remove the pigeons, and solve the problem. The problem is that your building has features that are attractive to roosting and nesting pigeons, and as long as those features are there, it will attract new birds.

Thus, you need to make your property inhospitable to pigeons. This usually involves the installation of physical barriers. This can include bird spikes installed on beams and ledges, to prevent the birds from landing and roosting on these areas. Or electric bird track that shocks the birds. Or wires that prevent landing. Or, perhaps, given the architecture, netting that prevents birds from flying into a roosting area.

Small Job: A small area, some spikes installed, not too hard to access by ladder, $300-$600

Medium Job: Larger area, installation of more materials, harder to access, $700-$2000

Big Job: A big building, lots of installation needed, some areas hard to access, $2000 +

Some huge jobs can be well above $10,000 or even $100,000 for large commercial projects. The bottom line here is that every job is very different, and the only way to get any kind of accurate estimate is to call some local companies and have them do an inspection and prepare a price proposal for the project.

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Pigeons are usually classified as a pest species because they are filthy gutter birds that inhabit cities, roost everywhere, and crap all over everything. The most common complaints include the following:
  • Pigeons roosting on building
  • Pigeons nesting INSIDE buildings
  • Pigeon poo all over everything
For these reasons, many people wish to have nuisance pigeon trapped and removed, or more commonly, excluded and kept away with a variety of techniques discussed below.

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Pigeons are appreciated for their beauty. People enjoy watching them flying in the sky or feeding them corn and bread crumbs in parks; however, they may not seem so beautiful when they take up residence in your attic. Attics are ideal for them; they will love it!

Pigeons are found mainly in heavily populated areas as they like spending their time in close proximity to humans – who love to feed them. They become highly dependent on food given by humans which immensely helps in their population growth. In order to protect themselves from predators they prefer to nest in places high above the ground, and attics provide the height as well as protective walls to make their homes more comfortable as they don’t have to battle the elements as much and predators can’t find them as easily.

Pigeon Nuisance - The most common irritation, of course, is their droppings scattered throughout the attic and possibly other rooms. It contains uric acid which is a white colored liquid that causes damage to the ceilings, floor, walls and other objects placed in the home like a precious showpiece or your favorite dress. They also spoil the pavement which makes it slippery and dangerous especially for the elderly. Their fecal matter may destroy your yard as it may spoil the vegetative life. It can also lead to problems in air conditioners and other electrical appliances. They even destroy siding and fade away the paint which makes the walls look dull. They transmit various diseases to humans as well.

Pigeons Be Gone - The very first thing to be done is to take away the food which they eat. Study your area closely and remove all waste food and water sources from and around your property. Also, there are certain sticky chemicals that are easily available in market mainly at shops where you also have products that aid in pest control. Apply this on areas where pigeons usually sit and relax. This sticky material will make their stay at the area very uncomfortable. And, if you really want to get rid of them, quit feeding them!

With the advancement of technology, electronic devices that emit ultrasonic sound are also available in the market. They are known as ultrasonic bird repellers and make unpleasant sounds that irritate their sensitive ears. It can even disrupt their nervous system and affect both their feeding and communication. One great thing about the device is that it does not have any effects on the humans and are perfect for homes with small children.

Also, there are built-in infrared motion sensors which are installed near the nests of pigeons. Once activated, it raises an alarm when a pigeon moves into its coverage zone. The sound produced is unbearable for the birds and they try to go to a place away from its source. These are ideal for yards, gardens, porches and buildings.

Another thing that should be done is covering the area where they reside by a piece of cloth or metal sheet. Because of this they will not be able to access the area and would be forced to look for other options.

There are a number of metal made replicas of predator birds like hawks available in the market. Just place them near the nest. This, of course, is no guarantee that the pigeons will be fooled into believing the replicas are the real thing.

Prevention is always the best method. Many of the products sold in stores may not have the desired effects and some may not work at all. Eliminating their food source and blocking their entrances and exits are the best methods of keeping pigeons out of your home. Vents and other such openings should also be properly screened.

So how much does pigeon control cost? It can cost very little, if you're willing to do some preventative or exclusion work. But the problem is that it is not easy, and that's the reason professional wildlife and bird control companies are in business, like any other business. Only a phone call and inspection from such a company can give you an exact price for the pigeon removal job.

How Much Does Pigeon Removal Cost?
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