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Possum Repellent - Keep Away Spray

There is no effective opossum repellent. I've witnessed countless clients try to use mothballs, ammonia, coyote urine, high-pitch ultrasonic sound blasters, regular radios, etc, to get rid of opossums, but these things don't work. Opossums just don't care. I know, because I end up going to these houses where people have tried out cheap ($14.95) possum repellents, or even home made possum repellents, but it didn't work, so I was called out to properly trap and remove the animal.

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Possum Repellent Spray - Of course, I made up this so-called product.

The only way to solve an opossum problem is to actually remove the animal(s), but trap, snare pole, or exclusion. You may want to read some of my other opossum articles for methods better than repellants: possum removal - opossums in the attic - photos of possum poop - types of possum problems - possum trapping - how to catch a possum - pest control of possums - possum in the wall - possum in the house - possum in basement - possum repellent - types of possum damage.

I think opossums actually like some of the smelly repellents people use. Opossums are definitely the smelliest animals that I deal with. They don't possess the raw capacity for stink that a skunk does, but skunks rarely spray if dealt with correctly. Opossums always emit a musky odor which permeates a box trap, and they almost always leave copious amounts of urine and feces. I try not to leave a cage trap with an opossum in my truck for long, because it will surely create a mess on my truck bed. It's not just the smell of this mess that bothers me, but I wonder if the scent of an opossum might rub off onto, say, a squirrel trap, and make that trap less effective. One solution to this problem is the use of solid walled box traps, such as the Plasti-catch, but when you catch an opossum in a Plasti-catch, the smell will linger for a long, long time. Perhaps it would be wise to dedicate a few traps just for opossum. They sure don't seem to mind the smell of their own, and I often think of it as an attractant.

Opossum Situation: David, I have a couple of possums living in my attic. I only recently discovered them and they are becoming quite problematic. I purchased 8 ounces of pure coyote urine from a local fee store and put that into small cups. I put two cups near the entrance I know they are using, and then four other cups around the opposite end of the attic. I also spritzed a little of it on the roof where I had seen them walking around two nights ago. I did this around 4:30pm. I heard them around 8pm, but they were being very quiet in their moving around. Then I did not hear them until 10:30pm. Again, they were quiet, but moving around near the entrance they have been using. I thought they were maybe moving their babies out. Well, it's 3am and they were slamming around - woke me up. And they were right next to (like within inches) of where I knew one of the strongest smelling cups of urine was. Should I put out even more of this stuff? Or does it take a while for them to figure it out?

My Response: Coyote urine usually doesn't work. In fact, when it comes to opossums, it might actually lure them in, I kid you not! You probably want to do it the right way - with trapping and removal.

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