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Possums are pests. They eat your pet's food, they crawl into your shed or under your deck or in your attic, and they live there and poop there and make a stink there. They scavange your garbage, and they are common city animals. Heck, lots of people just don't like the way they look. So if you want to get rid of them, I understand. I personally wouldn't mind living with an opossum outside, but if they're living in the attic or walls of your house or something, the problem must be addressed.

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HOWEVER - You definitely don't want to hire a regular pest control company for opossum removal. Pest control guys traditionally take care of insects. They spray poison to get rid of them. It doesn't work that way for opossums:

Possum Spray - No such thing, unfortunately. If there were, then your regular pest control company or exterminator could take care of the problem. But we're not here to exterminate opossums, we just want to solve the problem, which in most cases, involves trapping the animal in a cage trap, and relocating it far away from your property.

Here are some photos of proper opossum trapping. Notice that we're not doing possum extermination. These animals are live trapped and moved elsewhere. If the animals are outside, it's not such a difficult job. Opossums are the easiest to trap without worry of any animal that I deal with - that's not to say that it's a cinch. Most beginners that I see try it mess up in a variety of ways. And if you've got possums living inside the house, such as in the walls or basement or attic, then you definitely have a challenging case on your hands, one that I believe requires the hiring of a professional - just make sure it's a wildlife control specialist, like the ones on my directory, and not your usual insect-spraying pest control company.

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If you are a pest control operator who works in the south and traps armadillos, prepare to catch a whole lot of incidental opossums. Most trappers are used to opossums wandering into raccoon sets, as their diets are similar - they'll eat almost anything. However, it also seems that opossums are either curious or, like the armadillo, easily directed into unbaited traps. When I set traps for armadillos, I set cage traps without bait. Armadillos dig for their food, and despite rumors, there is no known effective bait. Believe me, I've tried, and extensive research amongst good dillo trappers supports me. You can catch all the dillos you want by merely knowing where they will walk, and directing them into cages through use of barriers. However, get ready to catch quite a few opossums along the way. Opossums, like many animals including the armadillo, like to travel along edges. Thus, the same sets that cross an armadillos' path will also cross an opossums'. However, the opossum lacks the caution most animals display, and they walk right into armadillo traps with annoying frequency. I also believe that some opossums might enter these empty cage traps because they detect residual smells of past baits or animals, but I've caught opossums in brand-new out of the box cage traps.

Opossum Situation: hi there! i found your name on the net and may need your assistance. last night there was a lot of noise in the attic and, since we live on the raritan and are used to mice, i initially thought it was just that: mice. wrong! the thumping was heavy and i knew it was something bigger. i went into the unfinished, cold-storage closet and--SURPRISE!--there was a opossum in the eave of the roof. the eyes glowed back at me and i ran out like a scared school girl. do give me a call on my cell--and let us discuss the possibility of you coming to set a trap and also to find the access point so that i may be able to secure it and keep the critter out. you can reach me any time. thanks, monika

My Response: Did you find someone on my opossum trapper directory? How did your situation turn out?

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