What Attracts Raccoons?

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With the growth of the human population around the world, there are many animal species that have been affected by the urbanization of their natural habitats, and while some have faltered, other species have thrived with such changes. One species that has been successful in adapting to their changing surroundings, particularly in North America is the raccoon, which can be found throughout much of the United States. However, in many cases when they are in and around domestic properties these animals can become a real nuisance, (Do Raccoons Live Or Travel In Packs?) so knowing what attracts these creatures can help you to deal with the problem and to try and remove some of those attractive features.

Scavenging Opportunities For Raccoons

One of the big reasons that will attract many species to a particular area will be the presence of potential food sources, and this is a truth that is certainly a fact when it comes to raccoons too. One of the major features that can draw raccoons is easy food sources (How Big Do Raccoons Get?), and this can mean garbage with food waste that is stored in thin garbage sacks will be attractive to the animals, while pet food being left in easily accessible locations can also be a feature that will draw the raccoons. It is important to remember that it is the scent of the food that will bring the animals to the area first, so dealing with the scent is almost as important as securing the food itself. Read raccoon Prevention Tips

Where Do Raccoons Make Their Dens?

Male raccoons are generally quite solitary creatures, so if you do have a problem with a raccoon creating a den in or around your property, then it will often be in the spring when the female is trying to find a den to raise her young. They will usually look for dark and warm areas, which can include a disused burrow in the wild, but in urban areas it can mean raccoons make their dens in old buildings, attics or under porches in domestic properties. This can be a big problem for homeowners as raccoons will be territorial and a female will protect her young, and will also cause quite a lot of disruption for those who around the raccoons and their nest.

Keeping Raccoons Away From Your Property

In terms of preventative steps that can keep the raccoons away, the first thing to do is to make sure that the area around your yard is well fenced, and that the fence is well maintained and embedded into the ground to prevent them from digging under the fence. You should also look to ensure that garbage and pet food is kept in solid cans with a lid to minimize any scent that can also draw the animals to the area around your home. Do Raccoons Use Tools? If you have any fruit trees or plants, then making sure that any fallen fruit from these is also promptly removed can help to reduce the attraction to raccoons, who will gobble up this fruit.

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Dealing With A Raccoon Den In Or Around Your Property

If you do find that a raccoon is starting to cause a nuisance around your property, the first signs will often be garbage bags and pet food sacks being torn open, and you should act quickly to try and deal with this. Sometimes you can keep them away. Read about What Are Raccoons Scared Of? Trapping and removal is the best way to deal with raccoons, but because they are quite large animals you may want to hire a professional to carry out the work, as it is not always easy or straightforward to complete. Having trapped the raccoon, you should also check to see if there are any baby raccoons to be removed too, as they will often remain in the nest while their mother is looking for food.

Go back to the Raccoon Removal page. Or, you can read about how to get raccoons out of the attic since that is where they commonly live, or you can read my general how to get rid of raccoons guide. I do not advocate killing these animals. Read why on my how to kill a raccoon page. Often the best method is trapping and removal read about raccoon trapping tips here. Many people ask about what bait to use for raccoons if catching them in a cage. Or better yet, prevention is often the best approach. I have listed several techniques for how to keep raccoons away. If you don't know for sure that it is a raccoon, but you have fecal evidence, you might want to look at my raccoon poop photos. And remember, there is no effective raccoon repellent. So if you have a problem with these animals, you will have to do the work necessary or hire a professional.

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