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Raccoon Repellent to Keep Them Away

Is there any effective repellent for sale that will keep raccoons away from your house, property, or attic? The answer is a resounding NO. Yes, many are sold, and if you found this web page, you've probably also found a whole bunch of other web pages hawking cheap solutions. My only response is that if you want to try out any of those raccoon deterrent products, be my guest. After you discover for yourself that they don't work, you'll have to use an actual solution - namely trapping and removal of raccoons. Click here to read my raccoon trapping tips if you want to learn how to do it right.

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Why doesn't raccoon repellant work to keep them away? Well, they're mammals. It's not like an insect, where you can use a special type of poison that they'll bring back to the queen and kill the hive. Mammals like you and me don't really respond to scent (or noises) to make us leave our home. The bad smell of mothballs or ammonia or a loud radio or high-pitch noise machine might be a bit annoying, but in the raccoon-eat-raccoon world of survival, a mere annoyance won't make you pick up and leave your house. Seriously: if someone spread mothballs in your house, would you pack up and move out? And some sellers claim that predator urine, like coyote urine, will make them scared and run away. Neh. Raccoons don't give a crap. First of all, they're pretty fearless, and second of all, they're not dumb. It just doesn't work that way - urine scent doesn't repel raccoons.

Raccoon spray and powder repellent products sold.

How do you keep away raccons? Ultimately, you've got to actually remove them. This can be accomplished via either trapping or exclusion techniques, such as one-way doors that let animals get out, but not back in. Many people have asked me about repellents, from mothballs to coyote urine to ultrasonic sound machines, and I do know that many of them are sold, and in my many years in the field, I have tested several of them, and gotten MANY reports from homeowners who have tried them out, and these products FAIL. They are bogus, they are a waste of time and money. They are gimmicks so that someone has something to sell. Go ahead and try them out if you want - meanwhile, the animals in the attic will just keep causing damage. Only real, physical removal of the animals will take care of the problem. This process varies a great deal by animal, time of year, architecture, and so on. I've written many wildlife trapping guides on this site, but the bottom line with animals in the attic is that you're best off, for your property's sake and for safety and even legal reasons, to hire a professional wildlife removal company.

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Real Raccoon Situation: I have recently had trouble with raccoons in my attic. At first I bought some mothball granules, but they didn't do anything, so this past Tuesday I paid an animal control company $250 to come out to set traps. That fee covered the 1st racoon caught and to find and seal up any entrances. I am also being charged $55 for each additional critter after the first. As of today (day 4) there has been 1 raccoon and 2 opossums caught. I also have a creek that runs behind my house and am afraid that there will be more critters caught than I can afford. Also, I did see the raccoon that was caught but never saw the opossums. He just told me about them because I am usually at work when he comes. I am a single mom and I am on a very tight budget and cannot afford for to many more critters to be caught. At this point, I already owe him another $110 and still have no idea what damages have occurred in the attic or what kind of expenses I am looking at on that end. Also, my home owner's insurance does not cover animal/critter damage. My question now is: What is the normal amount of time for these traps to be set out before he goes into the attic to check for nests, assess the damage and start sealing up the holes? Thank you..............Billie

My response: Your trapper should have gone into the attic FIRST THING. It's essential that the young are found. They can be used as bait to trap the mom, and the whole job is done very quickly. The hole should be sealed just as soon as they're all out. Paying for those opossums caught on the ground is a waste of money. Have your trapper target only the raccoon in the attic! This isn't hard to do.

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