What Are Raccoons Scared Of?

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Raccoons are animals that are often considered to be cute by those who haven’t had them particularly close to their property, but people who have had to deal with raccoons will know that they can also be a real nuisance. These furry creatures are known to be very effective scavengers, and this has meant that they have thrived in urban areas, discovering food sources and finding new nesting spots in a very different habitat to their natural habitat. Understanding what will scare raccoons can make a big difference to being able to deal with them as a property owner, although there are plenty of things that can have the opposite effect on raccoons too. After this you might want to read Raccoon Prevention Tips.

The Natural Predators Of Raccoons

One of the key natural survival instincts for any animal is to know when to flee, and one of the main fears that many raccoons will have is a fear of their natural predators, although this will often be stronger in those raccoons living in rural areas where they are more likely to encounter predators. Because raccoons are fairly large animals themselves, their predators will usually be quite large also, with animals such as coyotes and bobcats often seeing a raccoon as prey. One interesting aspect is that the Greater Horned Owl can also prey on raccoons, but due to their size will usually be more likely to kill younger animals rather than fully grown adults.

Are Raccoons Scared Of Dogs?

There are several answers to this question, and in reality it will largely depend on the size and the aggression displayed by your dog towards the raccoon, as larger dogs that show some aggression will often scare the raccoon away. On the other hand, curious smaller dogs are unlikely to scare a raccoon away, so it depends on how the raccoon behaves. You certainly shouldn’t encourage your dog to fight a raccoon though, as raccoons are certainly not shrinking violets when they are cornered, and if they are then they will attack even larger dogs, and can cause nasty injuries and even transmit diseases to your pet.

Will Floodlights Scare Raccoons Away?

This is an interesting question, as there are plenty of guides online that suggest floodlights are an effective way to keep raccoons away from your property, although it is also worth noting that having permanent floodlights around a yard or garden could get very expensive. It is true that raccoons will feel exposed if they are in an area flooded with light, so may well look to flee, unless they are so used to the light that it no longer fazes them. In terms of installing such a system, the consensus is that a motion sensor operated system works best, and one using LED floodlights that saturate the area with light will be cost effective, while also being a sufficient deterrent to raccoons.

Raccoons And Repellent

One of the things that you will see has a prominent position on the shelves in many hardware stores and garden centers are products that claim to be able to repel all kinds of different animals, including raccoons. There are all kinds of different types of products too, but in truth there are no really effective repellents that will get rid of a raccoon for you, and in the vast majority of situations these are only chemicals with a strong smell such as ammonia or mothballs. The one situation where it can work is if you have a female with babies in a confined space such as an attic, and there is evidence to suggest in this instance that predator urine can work as a repellent, but in most cases you will need to look at other ways to remove your problem raccoon.

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Go back to the Raccoon Removal page. Or, you can read about how to get raccoons out of the attic since that is where they commonly live, or you can read my general how to get rid of raccoons guide. I do not advocate killing these animals. Read why on my how to kill a raccoon page. Often the best method is trapping and removal read about raccoon trapping tips here. Many people ask about what bait to use for raccoons if catching them in a cage. Or better yet, prevention is often the best approach. I have listed several techniques for how to keep raccoons away. If you don't know for sure that it is a raccoon, but you have fecal evidence, you might want to look at my raccoon poop photos. And remember, there is no effective raccoon repellent. So if you have a problem with these animals, you will have to do the work necessary or hire a professional.

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