Damage Caused by Raccoons

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Raccoons are wild animals - they don't make the best house guests. They are simply very sloppy and destructive by nature. Some people have tried to keep them as pets - aside from the danger of being bitten or scratched, the main problem is that they destroy everything in the house. A raccoon living in an attic of a house will cause some major damage. I've been in hundreds of attics thus far with raccoons, and I've seen all matter of destruction.

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Raccoons will rip apart ducts, sometimes all of them. I'm not sure why, maybe just for fun, maybe in search of bedding material, maybe because they're curious about the air flow. They will tear up insulation on pipes, rip the insulating paper off the wall, chew on wires, yes, chew on wires - I've seen raccoons do it many times - and they'll trample down insulation or stuff it in areas it doesn't necessarily belong. Plus, they poop (click for photos) everywhere, which is a biohazard. Because of these problems, I recommend raccoon removal as soon as you realize you have a raccoon problem.

A raccoon can rip a hole directly in a wall or roof or ceiling if it wants to get somewhere. They are surprisingly strong animals, and often very determined. This is part of the reason they are capable of so much damage.

Raccoons & Homeowners Insurance: Am I Covered?
Here we see a typical case of duct damage. Some customers don't bother to call me until their heat or air conditioning doesn't work any more - oh, THEN they want to do something about those raccoons living in the attic.

Yet another photo of the type of problem caused by raccoons in a house. Don't wait too long if you've got raccoons living in your house - the walls, ceiling, crawl space, basement, chimney, eaves, attic, you name it. They'll find a way to tear things apart.

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Real Raccoon Situation: Hi, I found your website online but couldn't find a location for you. I need some assistance with attic clean-up..the racoons have been removed but the attic needs decontamination and cleaning. Also, we aren't getting any air flow through the ducts, and we believe that the ducts have been torn apart or squashed shut by the raccoons. I live in Crockett, CA. Do you know of any company like yours that services my area? Would you be able to give me a quote for an attic restoration and repairs. We had raccoon damage, the insurance company wants to see quotes from experienced companies, and I gathered your name of the Internet. Please advise, we live here in CT. Thanks in advance. Tom

My response: I work in Orlando FL, so I can't help you in Connecticut. However, my directory has many very good wildlife operators listed in that state.

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